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As we leave the ‘4’ month of our current year, it’s a great idea to take a moment to celebrate all the hard work you put in while going through what could be called the most profound transmutation process ever undertaken. That shift is far from over, but as we enter the ‘5’ vibration tomorrow, the experience of it will change considerably. The consciousness of ‘5’ is more about communication and humanity than it is about grounding and structure, which are more related to the ‘4’. Structure has been difficult this past month, because of Mars’ retrograde, which has a profound effect on all things physical. Communication is related to Mercury, which is ALSO retrograde. The thing about retrogrades is that when we utilize them to connect more fully with Source within, they are far more satisfying AND productive than when we carry on as usual.


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With five planets currently retrograde, more than we've had in a long time, the opportunity to go inward is profound. We can make good use of the more personal retrogrades, Mars and Mercury, to help us make sense out of what it happening. Well, more sense than we've been able to realize till now. But it's still not a good idea to spend too much energy trying to understand more than what is available in any given moment, because such a huge transformation is taking place. In fact, it may never be advisable again to spend your precious energy on the idea that there is actually anything to understand.


Mercury is part of a major Grand Earth Manifestation coming together now that will be in effect for the next couple of weeks. That means that this retrograde cycle can be VERY helpful in the processing of what has already taken place, in terms of structure and new direction. Mercury will soon join the Sun and Moon and Venus as a part of a major stellium that manifests with Jupiter and Pluto the new physical world.


I was asked by one of my students yesterday if the upcoming Grand Earth trine is resonant with the grand earth trine in her own chart, even if it isn't exactly where hers is. The answer is YES. If you have a Grand Earth trine in your birth chart, or ANY earth trine for that matter, the upcoming earthy manifestations will work in harmony with your own and you will know your Self to be more productive than you have been for a while. This is an astrological phenomenon called excitation. It's very much the same as what happens when a guitar string is played that is in harmony with other notes. All the resonant strings are affected.


This is great news. The upcoming New Moon next weekend marks the beginning of the new physical world manifesting, though with Mercury retrograde it is more prudent to allow the new structure to be revealed to you, rather than chasing it's essence or meaning. Remember that Mercury is running a new operating system, or at least it is REFLECTING the running of that new mental system, and so it is going to produce an entirely different result. The one thing we want to do is to let IT show us how it works, instead of repeating old patterns that no longer serve.


So go back over the month we are leaving today... It's a month that practically disappeared, and there's much more where that came from. The only way to have any experience of being IN time is to be fully present in any given moment. Otherwise it seems to all fly by without any real meaning or purpose. And of course, none of that is the Truth. The Truth simply IS, all the time, without exception, and we either perceive our own version of it, or we don't.


“When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It's to enjoy each step along the way." 

- Wayne Dyer