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As we begin a month of Hidden 5:5 Star Gates, which means we are about to be downloaded with all the essential codes and keys for new forms of communication and connection, there is one dynamic planetary aspect that dominates the day: A Sun Neptune Resource. This connection should go a long way  toward clearing up much of what has been confusing us, but it is also the activation of a larger, much more profound and all pervasive process.

5 1 16 Sun Neptune Resource

Neptune has been a key player since the year began, sitting as he has been in the stepping stone (square) position  to Mars' station point. (Mars went retrograde at 9 Sagittarius a short while ago, while Neptune was still at 9 Pisces, and receiving visits from each of the other personal lower body rulers.

This parade of connections with Neptune produced what we are now experiencing as a major wave of new consciousness, though before today, many of us were hard pressed to explain any of it. (And explaining it is, and never was, the point).

The personal body rulers energized the Great Enlightening force, so that we are infused with the vibration of enlightenment, while the ruler of the physical body forms a stepping stone (inner critical turning point) with that enlightenment process, and proceeds through a retrograde transmutation process that will eventually be well defined when Mars meets up with Saturn on August 22.

Meanwhile, this week, as we head toward the Taurus New Moon on Friday, a stellium forms in Taurus that becomes a major part of a Grand manifestation with Jupiter, the North Node (Soul Star Chakra) and Pluto, all in manifesting mode with the New Moon, Venus and the retrograde Mercury. That's a lot of grounding into a new physicality.

The most important part of this process is the kite formed by Neptune, which promises enlightenment to many. Have you had a major moment of awakening in the past week or two? By the way, an awakening moment is most often a moment that involves profound terror, or sorrow, or anger. It is usually an unusual event that delivers us to the brink of life as we know it, and offers us a glimpse of the next realm.

Awakening is almost never a joyful moment, though much joy arises from the moment after it has been processed. If you are reading this, you are in line for your awakening, if it hasn't happened already, and the next two weeks are filled with moment after moment of potential awakening events.

Stay tuned, but don't reach for it. Let it come.

"Start before you’re ready.”

- Steven Pressfield