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One person who lives just a few miles from me won the Powerball last night… 429 million dollars. Meanwhile, Canada is burning, and Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee. This is in a nutshell the story of the world right now. Everything is happening, and it’s all over the top. It’s all beyond anything we’ve known before. This week is going to feel a lot like landing the job of your dreams while you’re down with the flu. It’s great news, but it’s not possible to fully savor the moment… yet.

5 9 16 Mercury Sun Inferior Conjunction

5 9 16 Jupiter Turns Direct

Jupiter turns direct this morning, in the middle of a Grand Earth Manifestation (trine) with Pluto and the Taurus stellium that is the current position of 4 of the 5 lower body rulers. Something big is manifesting, and Jupiter, of course, plays a big part in that. Jupiter also stations today just 2 degrees from a bridge with Neptune. Enlightenment is the name of the game, unless you’ve allowed confusion to reign.

It doesn’t matter which. It’s all perfect, and in the end, it is Enlightenment that will win out. All of life evolves. Pluto promises a rebirth, even a resurrection for many, and all the lower body rulers recalibrating with each other in the sign of the Tree of Life is heartening. Mars is backing into a bridge with Mercury, also backing in, and this is a rare configuration.

Mercury and Mars have switched archetypal places in the past few years, and this promises to be the ultimate unveiling of the Truth. Jupiter has domain over Mars right now, revealing the transmutational nature of the red planet’s retrograde cycle. We are being physically upgraded, just as we received a new mental operating system back in January.

This expansion took root last Friday morning at the Taurus new Moon. As Mercury and Venus complete their interactions with those vital Lights, the fruits of all this new grounding will become crystal clear. It’s a good thing Neptune’s involved…

Today also marks the inferior Sun Mercury conjunction that always occurs at the exact midpoint of a retrograde cycle. This particular conjunction is also a major part of the new Moon event that continues to unfold and flower. I am going to list Ellias Lonsdale’s meditations for both the Jupiter station and the Sun Mercury conjunction today… something I don’t usually do, but it’s a new world, and we need to get used to more information coming to us on a regular basis.

These passages are reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

The Jupiter Station:

Virgo  14:  A long steel screw.

Centering carefully and laboriously around the one thing that works best. Getting the hang of it through endless practice. Making sure that this one pivotal aspect is held to, is given it’s due. Obsessing upon that cohesive factor of trying to piece together broken fragments.

                     Taking up a course of action that will in the long run produce the desired effects and will be an apprenticeship, a learning of an intensive kind. Treating most of life that way. Something to be gotten through. A passage to be taken up under constraint to ensure some measure of anchorage in the already existing world, with all it’s laws, it’s demands, it’s rules and regulations.

                Doing something to the self that is sensed as both abusive and inevitable. It seems like this is the only way it can go.  A resentment, a reactivity, a suspicion that one’s experience has been imposed unfairly, arbitrarily, excessively. And indeed this suspicion is correct.

                We here inherit from the past that which is dry as dust. We are given parameters, fixed guidelines, with a definite bias toward enforcing the code of the status quo. And we find ourselves to be susceptible, malleable. This is enraging. It is also dulling and very hard to get to the bottom of.

                There is a path through this conundrum. It starts with small things, with believing the self in its experience, just where previously the subjective aspect was squelched. Once we begin to hear our own authoritative voice of being ready to get beyond respecting the old ways, it is just a matter of following our nose and refusing to give over to the controllers.”

The Sun Mercury conjunction: 

Taurus 20:  A fork in the road with a blank signpost.

 “Karma brings us to a point where we can no longer return to known worlds. We have used up that which is familiar, comfortable, secure. And we have been led by spirit to a place where there is no going back, there is nobody here to center our existence around. We need a passage, an extended journey into the far wilderness, where nobody goes, nobody returns, yet where we belong once we have consumed all the places to hide.

                It is a stark proposition to set out upon this voyage. We can take nothing with us and most strangely, we really don’t know who this is we are supposed to be, to remember, to move toward. We have lost ourselves somewhere in the underbrush and that is the one thing we cannot go back and dust off and fit ourselves within yet again.

                Do we ever set out upon this voyage? Have we ever not been on it? Are there any choices or options really? Or is it maybe a real karmic matter of fresh departure or bust.

                There is one consoling factor in our favor. We are somehow somewhere at home within this frequency and relieved to have it come down to this. For there has been so much leading up to this and the brave [achingly] deep need for getting free of who we ever might have been asserts itself at an instinctual level and pulls us through, even when we don’t know anything about it.

                This is a matter of trusting the winds of fate, of karma, of destiny, of divine guidance, of random chance, of earthly feeling for the territory. It is in a void [that we must access] this only way which can work. That path lights up on the inside and gives us everything we need, as soon as we realize that nothing will come from the outside and we wouldn’t follow it anyway.”

WOW! Stay tuned to you.

“The gardener goes forth in faith to sow his seeds. He has learned that as he sows, so shall he reap… If we can conceive only a little good, that is as much as we can experience. We must instill into the mind the fundamental proposition that good is without bounds. Let us realize and work with this sound knowledge and perfect faith: That as high as we shall make our mark in Mind and Spirit, so high shall be Its outward manifestation in our material world.”

Ernest Holmes


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