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 "A new old part of you is awakening. It is both a clearing and a beginning. A transformative change. Remember that you asked for this..." (channeled by Jan Finley)

 Words to live by and remember as we move through these intense and life altering days. The amazing expansive manifestation continues with today's Mercury Pluto trine (at 10:54pm EDT). It's important to remember that this is the second of three such trines, courtesy of Mercury's retrograde, and that means that this Grand Earth Manifestation promises to keep reverberating for months to come. The first of the three Mercury Pluto trines occurred on April 17th, the same day Mars went retrograde. The the third will occur on May 30th, when Mercury, at 14 Taurus, comes as close as he will get to forming an exact trine with Jupiter. (They come within a half a degree of each other, and that's as good as it gets).

5 12 16 Mercury Pluto Manifestation

Mercury and Mars are dancing, dancing, and they have been since 2012. First they got into a kind of overlapping dance with their retrogrades, (which they are still doing), and this served to help them pass the baton, Mars to Mercury, so that the true masculine archetype could emerge, and the whole feminine archetype could do the same.

Now there has to be a realignment of these newly rearranged archetypes, so that we are fully functional. Mars is retrograde until June 30th in Sagittarius, which is Jupiter's sign, and Saturn, ALSO in Sagittarius, us retrograding right back to the same station Mars was at when he went retrograde (9 Sagittarius). By the time Mars makes it back to 9 Sagittarius to complete his retrograde cycle, he will come together with Saturn (August 22 at 9 Sagittarius), after Jupiter and Saturn form their 3rd stepping stone on May 25th.

All of this shifting of social consciousness to a newer, higher, more unified perspective is part and parcel of the huge clearing and prepping for refilling that we are undergoing right now, as a prelude to the major ascension that is about to take hold in the human consciousness.

Don't forget also that Mercury is making his way back to a partile (exact) conjunction (new cycle) with Sedna, the enlightened record keeper and rememberment of the Divine Feminine (as in putting back together) on June 9th, the day after the Uranus Eris conjunction occurs for the first of three times and kicks off the ascension in earnest.

Also on June 9th Mercury (and Sedna) form a perfect bridge with Mars, at 26 Taurus Scorpio. This is the ultimate reestablishment of the Mercury Mars archetypes as they are meant to be.

All of this very major and undeniable coming together of the archetypal energies (planets) of our soular system is the reason why we are all going through such an intense passage. There's no point in trying to figure it all out. Leave that to your higher Self. Just sit back and enjoy the show.

Stay tuned to you.

"I think we all wish we could erase some dark times in our lives. But all of life's experiences, bad and good, make you who you are. Erasing any of life's experiences would be a great mistake."

- Luis Miguel