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 The energies this week are a lot like what it feels like when huge waves are rolling in, one after the other, and in between them there’s a moment that almost feels normal again. There’s a space to breathe, a view that causes us to remember what life was like before these new energies began to dominate our world. It’s going to feel a lot like that during the first few days of this week, but remember that Mercury is retrograde and this is a throwback. A new reality is set to emerge, within just a few more weeks, and this…. this is our chance to remember what it was like when we were clear of all the debris we have just spent years shedding.

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There’s a Full Moon and a Mercury station at the end of the week, and while it’s a great idea to allow your Self the fullest enjoyment of the simpler life that peeks through at the beginning of the week, it’s ALSO a good idea not to lose sight completely of the new wave that’s already making its way toward us.

Mercury stations on the world axis on Sunday, and the Sun (along with Vesta) moves into Gemini on Friday. Gemini is, of course, Mercury’s sign, and the Full Moon on Saturday is conjunct the retrograde Mars. The Mercury Mars realignment continues into the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity. (Much more on this later in the week).

While there is almost no planetary activity at the beginning of the week, the bigger, more ongoing energies continue to build. Jupiter and Saturn keep coming together for their third stepping stone (square) exact May 25. Uranus and Eris are weeks away from their first of three conjunctions. Those are the two closest events, and there are many more slated for this summer.

There will likely be plenty of sighs of relief early this week, as the air clears, the waters subside, and we get to see what LOOKS like the old calm reflected in our mirrors. Tune into it deeply. That stationing Mercury in Taurus, with Venus, also in Taurus, headed for a conjunction with Sedna too, there’s plenty of grounding and rooting our Selves in the new ground. Maybe it will be easier for us to do this if it looks more familiar than it has been lately.

It’s so important to remember that the calm we perceive ‘out there’ is actually the newfound calm we have rediscovered within. If you see it out there, you contain it within. Those can be words to live by as we make our way through this seemingly calm week, headed for a Full Moon conjunct Mars inside a Mercury station.

If we don’t keep our peripheral eye on the upcoming blast of energy next weekend, we’ll be missing the point. Get centered, be still and be prepared for the next surge.

“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh