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 There's an interesting phenomenon going on with Venus this week. As we head for the Sun's ingress into Gemini, and the Sagittarius Full Moon, and then the Mercury station, all next weekend, Venus spends this week making subtle 'getting to know you' connections with both Uranus and Eris, followed by a conjunction with Sedna toward the end of the week. The Sun completed all these same connections this past weekend, and Mercury has, of course, already completed two of three of these connections with Uranus and Eris, and will ultimately connect with Sedna during the Uranus Eris conjunction June 8 and 9. This is a circuit being created for the lower body system to align with some of the highest consciousness available to us right now. And this week, it's all about the heart connection.

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That each of the lower body rulers is connecting with Uranus Eris (in that intimate, yet subtle semisextile way) is important, because whether we fully realize it or not, we are being introduced to some of the most important energies of our lifetime, even before they themselves come together. The triple Uranus Eris conjunction that begins on June 8th and completes next March is producing the most significant leap of consciousness humanity has ever known .... so far.

The Sun's semisextiles last weekend helped to light up and energize the upcoming leap of consciousness, and Mercury has already gone over and back over this connection, bringing our new mental operating system into a far greater alignment with the new consciousness.

The Sun came together with Sedna yesterday, and Venus will come together with the Enlightened Record Keeper later this week. All of this is actually a prelude to Mercury's upcoming conjunction with Sedna, which was activated as he stationed to go retrograde on May 2, but which will actually become partile (exact) on June 9th, while we are in the profoundly energetic throes of the first ever Uranus Eris conjunction.

It's safe to say that the next three weeks are as life altering as any stretch can ever be. We must be ready and willing to let go of the past, especially the deep dark stuff that's been stirred up in each of us these past few weeks, so that we are free to be filled with the new consciousness that is being reflected by the Uranus Eris conjunction, and all the lower body rulers coming together with Sedna.

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Stay tuned to you.

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