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 We are now officially entering one of the most powerful, life altering passages we have ever been through. In Truth, we aren’t actually moving anywhere. Here in the new World, we are beginning to realize that we are all still points of consciousness, each having our own experience. The experience that is setting up changes everything, and though that change will come over us slowly but surely, it will certainly change everything we think of as life on earth forever. I realize those are powerful words, but there really is no other way to express it.

6 1 16 Sun Neptune Stepping Stone

This week we are deeply inside a major Wisdom Crossroad, which is a series of squares, one after the other, that involves Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, all in a pretty tight T-square at this time, and all the transiting Gemini personal planets (Sun, Moon and Venus) creating a tight cross with those three giant planets.

Because this series of stepping stones (squares) happens in rapid, tight succession, one after the other, all week long, (and this includes some of last week too), and it is taking place in WISDOM (formerly called mutable) signs, we are being asked (by our Higher Selves) to trust and have faith in everything we’ve learned about the shift from social to spiritual consciousness and the process of enlightenment we’ve been through since 2012.

The Gemini planets, combined with Mars’ retrograde back and forth between Sagittarius and Scorpio, and Mercury’s recovery of his retrograde shadow in Taurus this week, followed by his own triggering of the wisdom crossroad when he moves through Gemini next week, the major rewiring of he lower four body system and the transmutation of the physical body completes. The physical transmutation is a distinct but major part of the rewiring process.

The next two to three weeks are intense and also rewarding, in that the results of all that’s happening are so much more apparent than they have been for some time. That’s not to say we will have total clarity and understanding quite yet, but we will certainly be able to feel the movement and realize that evolution is taking place.

The Moon is void for much of the day today, and it’s been a long while since we’ve experienced such a long void. The void always offers a chance to go within, even if we’re busy. It provides the chance to touch base with the inner Self, and inside this void Aries Moon the Sun forms a stepping stone with Neptune.

Neptune squares require more faith and trust than any other kind, and Sun Neptune squares, when provided with that Faith, can really clear things up. Fog lifts, clouds part, and Avalon appears. That is, (in case you never read ‘The Mists of Avalon” and missed the reference), it is precisely by HAVING FAITH that we allow our Selves a full blown realization experience.

And since everything is being generated by the Self, it is Self Realization that is on tap. Is it ever. We are embarking on an odyssey of Awakening, and ascension/descension of the highest order. Stay tuned for more.

And stay tuned to you.

“A dream you dream together is reality.”

– John Lennon