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 Oh wow. We are in the incredibly profound energies of the Uranus Eris event, which is now only 5 days away. This event changes everything, and to add to it, it is inseparable from the Mercury Sedna new cycle/Mars Bridge that occurs on June 9th. This is more like one gigantic, life on earth altering moment, and it's important to be open to it by being as surrendered as possible and also as filled with Faith that all is perfect as possible.

6 3 16 Sun Saturn Bridge

These next few days can be likened to walking en masse into a massively Light-filled passage that is designed to totally transmute everything about us, from our consciousness to our physicality. It's a bit like those last few seconds of the experience of being transported in the transporter beam (remember the Enterprise?), just before we completely solidify again and find out Selves in a thoroughly new place.

By 'place' is not meant the environment, in this case, but our conscious state of awareness. I can't say for sure, because we haven't been through it yet, but from here it feels like the most fantastic Light show ever. There is MOST DEFINITELY Light involved in this transmutation process.

And what is this process? Well, all that can be said from here is that it is that shift that has to take place between moving toward a new consciousness, accessing it, and then taking all the new awakened realization back into the physical realm. This is the beginning of the descension. It has many mini-phases, but this next chapter will deliver us to the Great Portal of 2012 when we begin life in earnest on the new Earth.

Today features a major Sun /Venus bridge with Saturn. This is a huge feature of the current wisdom crossroad we are standing at. The Sun and Venus are coming together in a Superior and super conjunction (new cycle) this week, and the heart takes on new life, new consciousness, new everything. The bridge to Saturn is our latest opportunity to access the inner Guru from the heart.

Be on both sides of the coin at the same time. Practice letting your Self just BE. Because the Truth is, you ARE everywhere at once and you always have been. Everything else has been the ego's effort to keep you from remembering who you are. Sedna, by the way, promises the remembrance, and when she comes together with Mercury on June 9th, inside the major awakening event that is Uranus Eris, this MAJOR phase of Self-realization is launched.

Stay tuned to YOU.

"Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable"

~ Mary Oliver