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 From Dublin:

We spend this day resonating with last night's New Moon conjunct Venus. Spend a few moments considering what it means to reclaim your divine feminine Self so well that a brand new balance emerges in your consciousness. What is it like to Think with your heart and Love with your mind? What if every step we take is perfectly aligned with our hearts, so that there is never a question or fear-based thought to slow us down? Imagine the kind of flow we would experience... then realize we are already here.

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Tune into your Gemini consciousness. We all have it, somewhere in our energy field. Let it show you what it truly is. Do your best to suspend all preconceived notions and limiting beliefs about what Gemini is all about. Duality is a thing of the past, or should I say, the lower Self. We are ready now, for the more multidimensional applications of Gemini consciousness, which are about multifaceted brilliance, and the capacity to dazzle from any point within the Gemini Field.

It used to be that when we functioned from Gemini consciousness we would need to identify the two most polar perspectives available, mull them over, sometimes move back and forth, sometimes spend all our energy working to stay on one side and avoid the other. None of this has ever produced the kind of creative consciousness Gemini is all about.

In Gemini every part of our perspective is creative and brilliant and meant to be expressed. Communication of ideas is the gift, and this communication can happen in countless ways. Gemini consciousness is best used when a yielding, kind of surrendered mode of focus is allowed. The perspective keeps changing, and with the shift comes another brilliant perception.

Gemini is the diamond... DIE-MIND.. It is what happens when we leave behind the older more limited perspectives and open up to embrace all that is available. It also helps to realize there is no need to stop on any one thought or belief. We exist everywhere at once. Nothing is ever lost. And when you take all this new consciousness to heart, well, that's for each and every one of us to realize in our own individual way.

Those ways are as countless and numerous as the many facets of a diamond... as many perspectives as there are souls on the planet.

STAY TUNED TO YOU, (there's nothing else 'out there')!

"Everyone has Oceans to fly, if they have the Heart to do it. Is it reckless? Maybe. But what do dreams know of boundaries?" 

- Amelia Earhart