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The New Moon on Saturday is still resonating powerfully, partially because it is part of a huge planetary picture that is producing a change in everything inside, and therefore outside of us. A life-altering wisdom crossroad involving the Sun, Moon Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and the Moon’s nodes is producing a portal the likes of which we’ve never known, especially when you add the Uranus Eris event that is set to begin on Wednesday. There has never been a time like this on the planet ever in human consciousness.

6 6 16 Venus Sun New Cycle

Another reason that New Moon is still resonating so loudly is because it was conjunct Venus, and today the Sun and Venus come together in a superior conjunction that is also a super conjunction, just to put a huge exclamation point on that new chapter’s onset.

This is a super conjunction because the Sun and Venus are at the same latitude as each other in the cosmos. It is a superior conjunction because Venus is aligned with the Sun by degree, and also with the Earth, and is traveling on the other side of the Sun from where we are. This adds dimension to the heart experience in ways we are only just beginning to realize.

It’s the allowing and the letting in of the unprecedented that is key to this whole process. This is the perfect moment to remember that it was never about learning to think outside the box, it’s about the True understanding that there never was any box to begin with.

The heart delivers our consciousness to new realms now, as yet another part of the four body system’s rewiring process that us taking place within each and every one of us right now, whether we’re aware of it or not. It doesn’t matter if we are, it is what it is, and it will make its way into our day to day life eventually. Each of us has our own pace.

This new Sun Venus cycle occurs in Gemini, the sign of the diamond, the precious, multifaceted, dazzling consciousness that each of us possesses when we transcend the fear based lower thoughts that prevent self realization. Let this new beginning mix with the winds of change that are blowing ever more distinctly now.

Here is Ellis Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Sun Venus event, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

Gemini 17:  A magic coin that has only one side.

 “Being suspended within an atmosphere, a feeling tone of something happening that cannot be really as perceived and yet here it is. All ordinary mental projections stop at this point. Something arises which is uncanny. The path becomes to pursue this uncanny sensation where it leads.

                The experience which follows is very hard to track with in words. A certain essence is alive, is moving, is leading us through. Yet what we stumble upon is shadow, is everything which that essence is not about. We continue our one-pointed pursuit of the essence path. And at the same time we encounter in our field the undersoul depths script with counter-messaging and every kind of sabotage and extreme complication which could be drawn in for any purpose.

                Yet something about that uncanny atmosphere of something beyond calling us, keeps motivating us to stay with a level of experience which would seem to be crazy-making and absurd. We hold out before our inner eye the willingness to be shown that which is extraordinary and staggering. And then we keep sensing all around us everything but what we seek, long for and are diving toward.

                This shadow play is confoundingly mysterious and multiple. As naively straight on as our impulse carries us into, somehow somewhere it becomes anything but that pretense image. Everything fragments, atomizes. We stumble upon a nightmare. If we can hold ourselves steady on the inside of this barrage of chaotic impressions and sensations, we will then back through to the other side. The fruits of our labor will be a calm, sober, clear and undeniable state of consciousness. We have seen everything and somehow we have held to our innocence and our longing for that which is beyond comprehension.

                We do become the miracle embodier. We do allow the mystery to bring us all the way through. And in order to get there, everything in us which is false must go, no matter what.


“There is pleasure in the pathless woods.”

Lord Byron


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