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 From Dublin:

For me this Mercury Sedna energy has been all about the revelations. These aren’t ordinary revelations, they are shifts in consciousness that radically change my view. Kind of like a new filter that slides onto my eyes every once in a while and takes what I have understood and reveals a whole new dimension of it. In the process I am clear that this new view is solidifying, and it is a very exciting prospect to find right here.

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To me this is very clearly Mercury Sedna in a bridge with Mars. If Mars were not involved, it likely would not feel like a physical shift. It would be an idea, or that other kind of revelation that comes and goes and is here one moment gone the next.

We were privy to that very profound meditation from Ellias Lonsdale for the Mercury Sedna conjunction, which spoke of shifting consciousness and how important it is to the overall transmutation process.

I mentioned yesterday that Mars will be back at that sensitive 26 Scorpio point in a little over a month, and this is important to bear in mind, because Mars is an activator. This means that  a very important physical property is coming on line, and though we may be aware of it now, it won’t become fully functional until Mars comes back this way and finalizes the activation.

Mars is behaving so much differently now that he has taken on his new archetypal identity. He is softer, and much more compassionate in his energies. No matter what he has reflected in the past around war and anger and the like, this week’s aspects are revealing that those story lines are no more.

Right action is the name of the game…. that is, action that comes from the heart, and NOT from the mind. It seems as though this Mercury Mars bridge with Sedna in attendance is making that possible. Mercury has been so elevated to a higher plane of thought that fear can no longer come into it, at least not for long.

I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at Ellias’ meditation for Mars’ role in this major bridge. Derek said in a workshop yesterday that a bridge is a great thing to have but you still have to cross it.

Here is the meditation, reprinted with Ellias’ permission from his book Star Sparks:

 Scorpio 26:  A she-wolf, her udders full of milk.

“The instinct is to preserve, to maintain, to hold, to have, to be suspended in individual expression and fertile with worlds gone by and worlds yet to be. The drive is to make sure that this way of life is held to sharply, protected and sustained in it’s needs and it’s territory. The insistence is that what takes precedence here is the personal human scene, against a vast backdrop of cosmic forces which support the venture and lend it an extra dimension of currency and staying power, ensuring that what is sought will be forthcoming.

There is also on tap here something else altogether. A transparency to other levels of existence is the given. A feeling for vast changes and overwhelming factors saturates the field of awareness. She is riding a windstorm, swept away by destructive vibrations, brought back to herself and her task by the formidable power of the Living Spirit.

A primordial drama plays out. Something must be held to, no matter what. The precious treasure dominates considerations. The unconscious depths are filled to bounty with impressions and sensations which just about force chaotic and turbulent soul moods to play through at will. The pristine core is eerily intent upon holding to the intended course and not being swayed by any internal or external adversary or ravaging dynamic.

Life-or-death, forward or far backward, fulfill what is intended or feel abysmally at a loss. The stakes are extreme. The emergency keeps coming on. Will the personal soul sense it’s greater function or collapse into a heap of endless pictures of what cannot be? The outcome is decided every bloody moment.




  The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.
― Marcel Proust