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 Take a close look at today's chart. While we're on the topic of bridges, (please read yesterday's blog if you didn't get to it), notice the gigantic bridge coming together between Jupiter, Neptune and the Nodes. Jupiter and Neptune have been in a long term bridge with each other, but the Moon's nodes have slowly been approaching the bridge. In short, that takes this newly transcended polarity to the next level of our consciousness.

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The Nodes, you may recall, are the only points in the chart that move clockwise naturally. They connect us to our higher Selves. The Jupiter Neptune bridge has been expanding us into enlightenment for some time now. With the Nodes approaching the bridge, actually becoming a part of its structure, the connection becomes multidimensional and delivers us to a new consciousness.

This Jupiter Neptune bridge has been a major part of the wisdom crossroad all year. Saturn has formed the stepping stone and the parade of planets through Gemini recently, namely the Sun, the Moon and Venus, have formed the other half of the crossroad, a polarity that is very personal and deals with the ways in which our identities are changing.

Mercury is on his way to  bridge with Saturn, completing the personal portion of the shifts that are taking place. Jupiter comes together with the North Node next Monday, on the same day that features the Blue Moon, the second Sagittarius full Moon in a month. The Full Moon is of course another bridge, between the Sun and the Moon and this one coming up takes place on the world axis and the galactic center. It's a huge one and it isn't lost on any of us that the Jupiter Soul Star new cycle occurs at this same time.

Neptune has just gone retrograde, and he is running ahead of the Earth Star (south node) for a while. These two will actually start a new cycle on November 18th, when they come together at 9 Pisces. Remember that degree? Mercury and Saturn both station at 9 Sagittarius and come together there on August 22. It's a huge sensitive degree this year and it seems to me to represent a major dissolution of karmic debris at the collective level. There's no telling what that means...

We must put one foot in front of the other, be as fully present as possible in each moment and allow whatever emerges to manifest so fully we can recognize or realize its essence. It's all new. There's no way to know what it is before it gets here.

Stay tuned to you.

"Close both eyes
to see with the other eye."