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The aspects are about as benefic and bountiful as can be, yet many are not quite experiencing the least not just yet. The thing about a wisdom crossroad is that it requires an open hearted approach. There is no room for fear, and even less for doubt. Faith and the willingness to accept what comes, simply because it is what it is, and what is, we already know, is perfect for our evolutionary experience. If there is any part of you that is resisting or shut down to what you are experiencing, you are working with the mutable cross energies, and those too require acceptance. We have all been through these difficult moments before.. none are unfamiliar. What IS unfamiliar is the requisite response, and that can only be accessed when you allow your Self to move past your fear based reactions.

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A Jupiter North Node conjunction is an amazing thing. It signals the beginning of a very bountiful harvest, an unprecedented healing, and/or a blessed and pristine birth. What is starting up in your life? Be aware, it may not look like a wonderful thing. In fact, it may like as though the toughest thing you'll ever have to do is what is required. It may seem to you that the very thing or things you've worked so hard to avoid for so many years is up in your face and the only way out is through. It may seem to you that all hope could be lost, but believe me, TRUST me, or better yet, trust your heart... What you are facing now is the greatest blessing you've ever known, because it is the way to your greatest fulfillment.

The Jupiter North Node new cycle bridges with Neptune which, if you're awake, is revealing some much needed light. In this case, the other side of the awake coin is fearful. If you are afraid, things don't look very clear. The bottom line here is, it doesn't matter how things look. Things are what they are, and no matter how you're looking at them, the most important thing to realize is that you can't see what's True.

You can't see what's True, but you most certainly can FEEL it, and you need that Jupiter/Neptune bridge wide open to do that. Feeling is not at all the same thing as understanding, so please, don't look for information that can tell you what you don't know. Look to keep your heart open and keep allowing it to move you forward. In this way, your experience will tell you the Truth, and you will Know it.

Mercury is presently activating the wisdom crossroad, but to the awakened soul, Mercury can no longer be used the way we used to use it. He represent the higher Mind now, the Christed Self, the Realized Self. The mind and heart must work together, in as balanced a way as possible, if the Truth is to be accessed.

We don't yet Know what the Truth is, not here in the physical realm. Yet we all carry that Truth in our hearts, and whenever we catch a glimpse of it, we KNOW it, we remember it, and there is not one shred of doubt. Let the wisdom energies reveal your limitless realm to you. Open up to it, without any preconceived notion of what you're looking for. If you do that you will not SEE it. You will judge it, and that will not serve you.

This is a sacred, amazing moment when the new world is making itself known to us. Let it be revealed. Oh, and one more thing. The 5D experience has to be a group consciousness. Know your Self. Once you are Self-realized, you will find the Truth when you observe it with like minded, like hearted souls.

Such is the lay of the new land.

Stay tuned to you.

"While the tools of breath and introspection remain the most powerful TOOLS, surrender is the most powerful WEAPON to use while fighting the battle of consciousness. When used as the weapon to "serve the masses", it is what allows your breath and meditation to flow so that you know what strategic move to make next."

Archangel Michael through Ray Rolando