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Mercury has been rocking the wisdom crossroad all since Monday, and today he completes his process, by activating a stepping stone with Jupiter. Jupiter is kind of in charge this week, hanging out with the Soul Star Chakra (North Node), and anchoring the crossroad with this profoundly benevolent energy. That means that the news today, and on another level the realizations that emerge promise to be profound and expansive. Consciousness and awakening are the name of the game, and there is undoubtedly plenty of that to go around at this time.

6 22 16 Mercury Jupiter Stepping Stone

 No matter what you're going through in your life right now, use the Mercury Jupiter/North Node Stepping Stone to look for the Love in the situation. Look for the blessing that you know is there... it is always there. If you lift your focus to the higher ground that the stepping stone affords you, you will See the real reason for everything that is going on.

That may seem like a big giant stretch, but it isn't really, not at all. The life that is filled with Love and Light is available to you with a simple shift of perspective. That is truly all it takes to realize the kind of joy and abundance that are always available to you.

To achieve that shift in your perspective, which is simple and easy, you will have to move through the harder part... which is all about letting go of the judgments and doubts and limiting beliefs that hold you to your older perception.

Consider that you are entering a brand new chapter of your life... completely and totally new. Let go of everything and everyone you're still clinging to for security or simply out of habit, and allow your Self the amazing experience of finding what is truly available to you.

Trust in trust and Faith in faith. Let go, open your heart. Let your heart move you forward, even if, ESPECIALLY if, you don't know what's next. This is one of life's greatest paradoxes... When you believe you know what's next, you automatically deny your Self the fullest experience that is there for you. It's only when you go forth in total trust that you can realize all of what life offers.

No matter what you're going through, Mercury Jupiter stepping stones lift you to a higher plane and reveal the good news. The news is good, no matter what you think. It's best not to think at all, if you want to move into joy and abundance. Today is the perfect day to make the shift.


"The quest for certainty blocks the search for meaning. Uncertainty is the very condition to impel man to unfold his powers." 

Erich Fromm