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 The past couple of weeks have been so filled with new energies that some of what is happening has been more elusive than the rest. Venus lipped out of bounds on the 14th, last Tuesday, just after Neptune went retrograde. Just a couple of days later she crossed the world axis. It's important to note that whenever a planet slips out of bounds, it usually happens around a solstice point, because those points mark the boundaries of the ecliptic. But it doesn't happen EVERY time a planet approaches the world axis, and when it does happen, it usually coincides with a huge surge in conscious awareness.

6 23 16 Mercury Pluto Great Eliminator

These days, meaning at this time when we are in the midst of awakening, an out of bounds planet takes us to new heights in our conscious awareness. It used to be that when a personal planet slipped out of bounds (that is traveled outside the ecliptic, or the Sun's normal pathway) we had very little access to its archetype, and it felt a lot like we were out of control where the out of bounds planet was concerned.

But now we can travel WITH the planet that is soaring outside our typical range of consciousness, and we can gain new Realizations as it travels in uncharted territory. In this case, the heart knows no  bounds. Or at least the boundaries of the heart have been completely expanded.

We are learning to 'think with our hearts', to feel our way through the completely unknown terrain we are moving through, and we are learning to trust with a whole new kind of strength what we can not see with our 3D senses.

I believe this is the archetype of the new planet 9, which has been declared yet remains unseen. We ARE seeing with new eyes, and there is no telling what we will discover as we do. Seeing with new eyes speaks to the new archetype of Varuna.

Yes, it seems the new archetypes are becoming so much more accessible to us now that we are allowing our evolution to unfold with much less trepidation.

When we hold hands and remember that we are in this together, there is nothing that can stop this acceleration process. It is so much easier to believe when our hearts go forward in unity and solidarity. There is nothing to question when the soul next to you moves with the same empowered energy that you do.

This is how we do it. One step at a time.


“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”  

Eleanor Roosevelt