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 At around 7:30pm EDT, Mercury will enter Cancer and Mars will station and go direct. These are both huge events, and despite months of Mars’ retrograde cycle and weeks of anticipating this turnaround moment, we are more likely to feel Mercury’s out of bounds world axis crossing from the sign of masculine consciousness into the sign of the feminine. Watch and see how the news changes, (not that the news is really anything to put your faith in). Even so, no one escapes the zeitgeist, whether the heart in it all is authentic or not so much.

6 29 16 Mercury enters Cancer


The two charts are practical the same, because the two events that mark this day take place just moments from each other. Notice the ascendant is the Galactic Center (at least it is here in New York), and that Quaoar and Ixion are rising. This means that the events of this day speak directly to the new order of things, and that the new order is directly related to Source….way outside the range of the man-made laws that have defined our world for so long.

This is the beginning of the end… We already know this… it just amazes me that the language is the same wherever you look, IF you have eyes to See and ears to Hear. So listen, carefully, for the evidence of the resurrection, which begins even as the end of the old activates.

We’re going to feel Mercury’s energies more prominently today, but the relief that comes from Mars’ turnaround is definitely palpable. All that building up of energies, the physical transmutations that are taking place in our bodies, our homes, our neighborhoods and our countries are now going to begin to show themselves for what they truly are: vehicles for transformation.

Mars’ station is slow and steady. It will actually be a few weeks before Mars moves off this 24th degree where he is turning around today. We will feel the relief, but the evidence of going forward is going to be a little while longer. Breathe, stay centered in your heart and focused on your own Light. In this way the seemingly interminable wait will happen in no time.

Mars is a brand new, recalibrated archetype.. A masculine co-ruler of the divine feminine Self, the generator of RIGHT ACTION, or the action that comes from the heart. We barely know what to do with this archetype, and we have to learn to make effective use of it. For this reason, it’s a great blessing that Mars is going to take so much space to get him Self going.

Be patient with your Self, and of course, with everyone and everything around you. After all, everything you perceive out there IS you. Be patient with you, and allow the new heart centered action that is  birthing in you to happen organically, in its own way. Allow what happens to surprise even you, so that none of it is preconceived in any way. That would only limit your experience of all that is new and birthing.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for this stationing degree. It’s important, because the resurrection of the true Mars archetype will take place here, and it will be going on for about three weeks. This passage is reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

  Scorpio 24:  Coca bushes growing wild in the Andes Mountains.

 “Going under, going over, going around, and going through. Needing to run wild in every direction until the only thing left is to move on through.

                As we go under, we probe every hidden recess in the centers underbrush. We obsess on making sure we stay in touch with the shadows.

                As we go over, we seek the far places of Spirit. And when we find this, we build our whole world around this. It is so easy to become swept away by the grandeur and the glory. We have been to the mountain before, and now it is easy to go there and return and to insist upon the ways of the mountain top down in the valley below.

                As we go around, we are magnetized by every detour that can give us a run for our money. We can go for convention or extreme excess, we can try fabulous roles and semblance’s or just run dry in the banal stretches of the journey. It is almost like self-punishment, the ordeal we put ourselves through. But we have to learn this part just as thoroughly as all the others.

                When we are last able to go through, we enter upon a world entirely different from the under, over and around versions. We begin to center upon an undivided world which contains every wonder and mystery, and can work within absolutely any layer or level of existence with equanimity and true acceptance of whatever that domain requires.

                Now we have taken our wanderlust and transmuted it into one keen inner direction, right through the heart of the world. Once we narrow it down to the most wide open yet decisively all-here path, spirit can guide us freely into any and every space we are meant to traverse. Yet now there are no compulsions, no addictions, no   . We know that the entire panorama of existence as calling to the center, breath by breath.”

“It’s human nature to unthinkingly project present circumstances, people, and feelings into your future, as if those that surround you today will follow wherever you go. 

Until you remember, time’s just an illusion that allows you to project into space only those things you think about. 

No more unthinking.”
The Universe   (Mike Dooley)

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