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 So much has happened this past week, and next week is not any quieter. There are a number of important planetary connections underway, and many planets have just changed direction, shifting the energies in yet another way, other than the wisdom crossroad winds of change that is still majorly in effect. We are getting pretty good at navigating all this shifting sand without the overwhelming fear that used to accompany it, and that's a good thing, because the shift has only just begun.

6 30 16 Venus Pluto Bridge

Chiron stationed to go retrograde yesterday, and for the next week or two he will be perfecting a Grand Water Manifestation with Mars, Mercury and Venus. Additionally, the Sun and the Moon, coming together for the new Moon event on Monday at 14 Cancer, will also be moving into the Grand Manifestation energy over the next couple of weeks. Unlike all the other recent huge connections with planets that reflect the higher consciousness, Mars will be the first to come together with Chiron, and these two are doubly applying to their trine for the next week or so. It's a big energy that speaks to the new transmuted physicality, and how it will align with the rest of the lower four body system while Mars recovers his shadow.

Mercury is out of bounds until next Friday, coming together with Venus, the Sun and the fixed Star Sirius, one of the most important fixed stars in our cosmos. I will discuss Sirius at much greater length on Monday (if not before), because at this stage in our awakening process, it is essential to make direct conscious contact with this amazing landmark.

Venus leads the three other lower body rulers, (Sun, Moon, and Mercury) in her journey through Cancer, and she is making important connections (that is, the heart is making these connections), with just about all the outer and 5D planets as she goes. She has just returned from an out of bounds journey her Self, and is therefore carrying new consciousness around the heart energies. All that is necessary to tap into these is to open the heart and allow it to merge with the newer consciousness.

These days, whenever we experience our Selves merging with something 'coming in', what we are really doing is realizing our Selves in a new way. The new consciousness we meet is already within us. It has to be realized and after thousands of years of bringing Self to the outside world, this is the way we do it. If we keep our focus on the Self instead of whatever or whomever is 'out there', we will recognize anything that has not been realized before that is ready to be revealed.

It's amazing to me that these moments always seem perfectly timed. But if time doesn't exist, than any moment that reveals something newer and deeper is a perfect moment. It could not have happened a moment before, and once it is time to allow your Truth to emerge, it will out, regardless of any other factor. Perfect moments are ALWAYS present, every bit as much as they are illusions.

A Venus Pluto bridge opens tonight. This is important. Pluto will form a bridge to Monday's New Moon, so this heart opening to the Gatekeeper of the new consciousness is a precursor to what is just around the (weekend) corner. July 4th is a big day for us here on Earth. Not just because of the holiday here in America, but it is the day Nasa's mission Juno slips into Jupiter's orbit and begins to send data about Jupiter's atmosphere. We have never "touched" Jupiter's energy field before with our mechanically extended fingers, but we have learned from landing on Mars and the flybys of Ceres and Pluto to name a couple, that once our mechanical senses touch a planet ';out there, it becomes fully integrated within.

Jupiter has been such a major player this past week (and for the last two years, really), and he is now in a new cycle with the Soul Star Chakra (the Moon's North Node), and depositor of the recent Blue Moon, which we are still working off of. This is an expansive moment. It is becoming more and more obvious that the world we live in is exactly the world we choose to focus on..

Before I end, I thought you might like to read Ellias Lonsdale's meditation for Chiron's station. It is reprinted here with the author's permission from his book Star Sparks:  THIS IS OFF THE HOOK....

  Pisces 26: The aurora borealis.

 "A transfixing vision of ultimate perfection and wholeness. The raw feeling for what is intended, what is possible, where it all will go after we have returned to ourselves. The consistent and nagging presence, close at hand, of the optimal or ideal state as calling, claiming, propelling us toward it.

                What we see there and feel there is utopia, is the place over the hill, is the green pasture of infinity. What we seek through this focus is a belongingness to the cosmos, to the Divine World Order. And what we find when we go there is that something has to be surrendered in order to get through, which turns out to be the main point.

                Whatever we have held over ourselves and over our world as the way it’s gotta be becomes what must be given over to make the passage to that dream vision real. What we assume it will be takes on a tyranny, a rigidity, a falseness. But that which we surrender into as the actual fulfilled image is substantial, is nourishing, is what it’s was cracked up to be.

                Therefore, we are highly motivated here to get through our own pretense and memories and to get on with the infinite dance of existence beyond the known. In fact, we are so deeply inspired by that which dwells beyond all familiar projection that we outlast every cycle of inflation or tangential fascination with ease. All of it is just grist for our mill.

                We are coming into a Divine Inheritance. This is profligate, lavish. Once we are at one with it, we will experience that at every juncture we were guided and orchestrated beautifully to take on and take through us each temporal vision of the Great Mystery. And as we fuse with source, we will know with compassion at long last why we and all the others had to fall for every delusion and get hooked on each limited version of awakening to that which is the center point of all of existence."

Stay Tuned To You.

“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.”  

- Henry David Thoreau

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