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 What new understanding did the Sun Mercury Sirius connection bring to you? The Cancer vibration is self-nurturing, deeply rooted in the heart center, and/or focused on the most core issues you have that still need clearing out... That download of information leads to Self-realization of the highest order, especially since it is directly followed by the stepping stoned of Venus to Eris and Uranus. The heart level awakening continues, and more than anything else, deepens.

7 7 16 Venus Uranus Stepping Stone

The ascension process has begun, in each and every one of us. Some may be completely aware of it, others not so much. I have learned over the years that those who do not display obvious signs of higher consciousness can be every bit as awake as those who do. One would do well to never assume another's state of realization. Sometimes the evidence appears only when it is essential to access it.

To put it another way, it's important to recognize that the ascension is a collective experience. When water rises, everything on and in the water rises with it. Some are aware of this raising up, others are not, but everything rises. And in a moment when comprehending where we are becomes the key to understanding, and that moment invariably comes, everyone gets their bearings... eventually.

Bringing this up seems to point to the very important directive to mind one's own business. Minding your own experience is the same thing as keeping the focus on your Self. There is no other way to achieve the kind of Self-realization that's happening at this time.

With Venus so active this week, it's the perfect time to allow the heart to move you. Being moved by your heart can lead to action taken, or it can lead to inner understanding. It can unify your consciousness, and it can allow you the true perception of your oneness with everything 'out there' in the world.

Venus transited Sirius first this week, followed by the Moon, the Sun and now Mercury. Venus is about to manifest in Grand Water with Mars and Chiron. That began yesterday and continues until Mars manifest with Chiron exactly on July 18. No big surprise, really that the Sun reaches the Grand Manifestation with Mars and Chiron on that same day.

This series of Grand Water Manifestations aligns and recalibrates the lower 4 body system with the higher Self. This is a major upgrade to the divine feminine in preparation for the same alignment with divine masculine. Mercury begins this process on July 11 and the Sun completes it on the 18th.

By the time of the Capricorn Full Moon on July 19, this balancing process will be completed, just in time for the Venus Mercury conjunction in Leo in exact manifestation with the ruler of the Full Moon, Saturn, ALSO on the 19th!

It's clear that this month of July, as we move through this '7' vibration, is producing all the esoteric (read 'hidden') energies we require to access the new homo luminus species we have become.


"The real story behind time and space goes like this:
Where there was none, now there is plenty. Where there was thought, now there are worlds. Where there was Me, now there is You.
And so the baton has been passed.

Reality - what a trip." 
The Universe    (Mike Dooley)