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 Venus has entered Leo and Mercury will move into the sign that belongs to the Sun at 8:47pm EDT tonight. Are you feeling the shift into the masculine energy? NO, not the old masculine, the new divine masculine that is heart centered and produces action based on the five human values: Love, Peace, Truth, Right Action and Non-Violence. Each of us is awakening to the realization that these values make for a world we truly want to live in.

7 13 16 Mercury enters Leo

We move from the surrendered, open-hearted sacred space of the feminine into the empowered, open-hearted creative energies of the masculine, and a balance is about to be struck right at the center of our Being, when Venus and Mercury conjoin in a new cycle on Saturday night.

All this while Uranus and Eris charge all the lower body rulers this week…every one of them, in various connections that produce more Self-realization in this one week than we’ve had in the last 10 or 20 years combined, maybe more.

What’s most interesting is that while all this Uranus Eris activity occurs, Eris pulls into her station, and she will be stopped for 9 or 10 days before going retrograde on July 19. That is a particularly long station, but then Eris’ orbit takes 570 years, more than double the time it takes Pluto to orbit once. While Eris stations, we will have an important opportunity to tune into our Selves and allow the Great Disruptor to awaken us to the Truth of our connection with Source.

In Cosmic Consciousness, a retrograde planet is moving toward Source and a planet stationing to go retrograde is aligning its archetypal energies with Source. Other words for Source are Love, Light, and Oneness. This Eris station marks the beginning of bot hers and Uranus’ retrograde journeys… and therefore it is the start of the second of three conjunctions between these two Great Awakeners.

Everything that has happened to disrupt life as we have known it is about to move into another stage that promises to awaken us to yet another level of our purpose.

All this while Jupiter is being accessed in unprecedented ways, and is busily communicating with us steadily while showing us all kinds of new methods of conscious connection. This is just the very beginning of a whole new means of interconnection and conscious co-creation on this planet.

Now, it is truly getting very exciting, isn’t it? Don’t take your focus of you!

“Faith means living with uncertainty – feeling your way through life, letting your heart guide you like a lantern in the dark.” 

– Dan Millman