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With the Republican convention starting tomorrow, followed by the Democratic convention next week, the circus atmosphere is definitely heating up. the backdrop is set against  a world that is filled with over the top anger and out of control fear-induced events. With a full Moon approaching (on Tuesday evening) we can all expect some intense energies to build up over the next couple of days. Even though it's a Capricorn Moon, which is not the Moon's most comfortable sign, it's going to be difficult to contain our feelings in response to the events taking place.

7 17 16 Sun Chiron Manifestation - Copy

We are still in the throes of the new Venus Mercury cycle. That conjunction turns out to be a SUPER conjunction, as Venus and Mercury form a parallel, or superconscious conjunction tomorrow. This alignment of the new masculine feminine energies is of paramount importance right now, and the over the top anger (male energy) and emotional reactions (female energy) are reflecting the state of this balancing process as we go.

It's important to keep on observing the world that is our movie, and to bear in mind that each person's movie is Self-created. While we are experiencing the same global events, we are each reacting or responding (those are two different things) to these scenes in our own individual way. The perspective you have on these issues belongs to you. It is vital to learn to take response ability for everything you perceive and align your inner Self with whatever Truth you feel is necessary.

The 5D world is not static. It is ever changing, and as we learn to bring all that we perceive back to our Selves, we will also realize just how the mechanism of manifestation works. Everything in the world is your own projection. When you are awakened, it slowly becomes obvious that it is all actually your reflection. Once this becomes crystal clear, it becomes a simple matter to BE whatever it is you wish to see reflected in the world.

No doubt you have heard this statement many times. But one of these times it's going to hit you right between the eyes that it is absolute, unalterable and very specific Truth. What you think and adopt as belief becomes the reflection of the world you will perceive. Everyone has their own perception and is perfectly entitled to it. It is only when we compare another's belief with our own and begin to judge it that separation takes hold.

This is a great day, with its 8 hour void Moon that delivers us to the Capricorn energies with absolutely no planetary activity for the rest of the day, to tune into your own reflection, and begin to take total response ability for the world you are creating. The Full Moon on Tuesday night reflects a Sun Varuna new cycle. Great observer perspective is the name of the game, and the capacity to tune into it begins the moment the Moon moves into Capricorn today at 3:34pm EDT.


"To think anything is impossible is to limit the creativity of the Universe. Time & time again throughout history everything that was once impossible has been proved to be possible. The potential for everything has always been, it has only been our minds and beliefs that have caught up with the infinite potential that is right before our very eyes. Anyone who says anything is impossible is dead wrong. You can create any kind of life you want. The magic happens with an open mind, humble attitude and persistent effort. Trust yourself and you'll be amazed at what IS possible."

-  Jackson Kiddard