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 The stepping stones from Mercury, Venus and the Sun to Eris and Uranus are still reverberating everywhere, as evidenced by the continuing unrest all over the world. This will continue, and it is, in fact, just getting heated up. But we live in the new world, and we are being reflected by the higher dimensions of those planetary connections, as well as finding much easier access (that is, more resourceful) to the Grand manifestations and other planetary pictures that are also happening.

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A Grand water manifestation produced by the Sun Mars and Chiron with a Kite formed by Sedna (bridging Mars for the 3rd of three times) is producing major physical transmutation and recalibration with the new higher consciousness. Sedna’s presence as the tail of the kite that makes this manifestation fly promises to infuse the wisdom and consciousness of all that is required to produce the new masculine/feminine balance.

This balance is brought about by the brand new Venus Mercury cycle, a super conjunction that occurred this weekend. When the Sun reaches Varuna this week as the Full Moon bridges this connection the highest perspective we can achieve will activate and become a part of this new balance. The Sun in manifestation with Mars comes together with Varuna while Mars bridges with Sedna. All the manifestation takes place on its own. It is the result of all the work we’ve put in on the inner planes. This is some very high… very 5D manifestation and it produces the new world and provides the vehicle(s) for us to arrive there.

After this Grand Water manifestation with accompanying Sedna kite is completed, and the divine feminine has recalibrated with all the empowered strength and light she needs, the Sun will move on into Leo, and the divine masculine will find his footing too.

There are pictures galore this week. Chiron and Sedna in Finger of God with Haumea, Sedna and the Sun in a Finger of God with Quaoar and Ixion. This is just the tip of the iceberg. More, so much more will be revealed this week.

The Moon is in Capricorn, building to the Full Moon crescendo tomorrow night. That full Moon goes on to embrace Venus and Mercury and Mars, of course, is completing his shadow journey. His bridge with Sedna today promises to bring a lot of the meaning of Mars’ retrograde journey to Light.

It’s all about the physical and the way it has changed. It’s all about the way the body now fits into the bigger scheme of things. Life on Earth has changed completely, and we’re about to realize how.


“Aim with your heart, steer with your mind, and know that it always works.” 
Love you,
The Universe  (Mike Dooley)