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From Miami:

I am realizing how much the same the current vibrations of disruption are everywhere in the world. the terror attacks continue, as does the civil war in the US between the black men of this world and the so called police. The new Pokemon Go app is another expression of the way the world wants so much to escape into an imaginary world, even when that escape is dangerous to life and limb. A woman had to call the police the other day to help her get down from a tree she had climbed while chasing a Pokemon. What we need to realize is that the crazy world we live in was imagined in the first place, and imagining another, and another on top of that is not going to get us back to the center.

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Today is quieter than the rest of this past week, with a Pisces Moon delivering us to the limitless realm while all those forks in the road give us a tiny breather. Don’t let the silence fool you, though, there’s a HUGE week ahead, with numerous connections to the newest planets, and therefore activating the new consciousness, now that we are ready to inhabit it.

There are a number of major planetary events underway, and since many of them involve the new planets, they are going to be the fabric of our reality for some time to come. Uranus Eris (with Ceres weaving in and out of this connection) is a case in point, if not THE case in point.

This conjunction constitutes a new cycle of awakening that happens once every 100 years or so, but due to the very recent discovery of Eris, is actually taking place for the first time ever in human consciousness. The alignment of these two ascension forces will take until March 2017 to complete and even then will remain in resonance for years after that.

Uranus and Eris are in a bridge with Haumea, who isn’t going anywhere either. This is THE ascension of humanity and the planet, which is underway and unfolding every moment.

MakeMake sits on the world axis, moving back and forth over 0 Libra for a few years (we are in the middle of this transit) and next week Vesta crosses the world axis into Cancer, providing a fresh stepping stone for us to access the cosmic order.

Quaoar is also on the world axis at 29 Sagittarius, and will also spend a few years crossing this point. 0 Aries, the other end of the Axis Mundi is THE power degree of physical life. The beginning and the end. This is quite a major Power crossroad, delivering us to the next dimension of consciousness, WHEN we are willing and able to send that awareness down all the roads that make up the crossing at the same time.

The idea of doing this is exciting, but it doesn’t come close to the experience of it. And the whole thing, the thought, the action and the experience is all Quaoar… new belief system, coming into being.

Vesta’s arrival at this crossroad (tomorrow and Sunday and Monday) adds energy and passion to the new concepts and the experiencing of them.

Neptune is coming together with the Earth Star Chakra (karma) all summer long,  and it will be exact in mid November at 9 Pisces. That degree forms a stepping stone with Mercury’s most recent retrograde station and Saturn’s upcoming direct station at 9 Sagittarius. That is also the degree that will feature the next Mercury Saturn new cycle (conjunction) on August 22.

Interestingly, this past week Mercury connected with both Saturn (manifestation) and Neptune (Great Eliminator), and so, again, the themes of this past week will be with us for the rest of the Summer and most of the Fall too (or Winter and Spring for our Southern consciousness!).

This is a time when making really good use of the observer’s perch is vital to our evolutionary growth. It is so important to perceive the bigger picture when allowing the experiences that are manifesting to unfold. It’s all big energy now.

Stay tuned to your higher Self.

“Enlightenment is not imagining figures of light but making the darkness conscious.”

– Carl Jung