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Master Kuthumi has asked me to talk about the meaning and the value of attending the Mt. Shasta retreat etherically. Those of you who have read my daily blog when I’ve been on retreat with a group before have reported feeling the energy and enjoying the experience. When you make a material exchange, you add your energy to the group, etherically. There is no physical participation required, no need to tune into anything. Your higher Self knows no time or space, and when you put your ‘energy’ into the retreat, your higher Self comes along for the ride. Master Kuthumi has told me that there are some magnificent moments in store for us. Preparations for our arrival are underway, and the Masters have asked that I bring as many souls as possible. My intuitive understanding of that is that we will be infused with some new consciousness, some Light, maybe an initiation of sorts, and that the more spirits in attendance the better for the planet. Please join us! CLICK HERE 

Uranus went retrograde last night, in the middle of Venus’ manifestations with BOTH Great Awakeners. We have come so far into the new order in the past couple of weeks. Have you noticed how much more easily you are letting go of fear and emotional drama, while at the same time the world is more intense than ever?

7 30 16 Mercury enters Virgo - Copy

I have been deeply moved by the constant communication of Master Kuthumi these past few days. He has made it clear that this wave that is renewing us right now is also renewing the world. Those of us who ride this wave all the way to the new world will find our home there. Many will not make it through, but please don’t fear. If you’re aware you’re riding a wave, you are meant to make it all the way through. Most of you know it’s why you’re here.

It’s important, now that we know how to stay above the dramatic emotional undertow, to observe what is happening without being in any way attached.. My Teacher, Derek O’Neill, calls it detached compassion. We need to stay centered in our detachment, observing, even caring, but not with any kind of attachment.

Mercury spends the morning at the master degree of Leo, and then the ruler of the mental body enters Virgo, the sign of the divine Mother. Talk about balance. In Cosmic Consciousness Leo and Virgo are parts of our consciousness that comprise 2/3 of our emotional body. (Cancer is the other sign). Leo is the sign of Emotional Love and Virgo is the sign of Emotional Wisdom. In Leo we connect with our own personal emotional mechanism. In Virgo we act upon our emotional consciousness.

Leo learns to shine and give its heart in service. Virgo learns to walk on water and remember it is whole. Mercury embarks on a long journey into Virgo today. On August 31 he will station to go retrograde at 15 Virgo, and he will spend another 5 or 6 weeks after that completing his journey (retrograde and direct) through this very profound sign.

Virgo is the Mother of the Christed Self. There is so much to realize and expand into from here. It will be another couple of weeks before Mercury enters his shadow and begins to travel over the degrees he will visit three times before his Virgo journey is complete.


“I gave myself permission to feel and experience all of my emotions. In order to do that, I had to stop being afraid to feel. In order to do that, I taught myself to believe that no matter what I felt or what happened when I felt it, I would be okay.”
– Iyanla Vanzant