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This weekend is taken up with the Venus manifestations to Eris and Uranus. This comes on the heels of Mercury's very similar passage last week. The disruptions and blindsides keep coming. Last week they challenged our beliefs, and this weekend they challenge our emotions. Whether you're feeling peaceful or not, it's important to remember that anything that is not peaceful is the result of ancient fear-based beliefs that are often embedded in the core of our being. We need to remember and move back to the center of the heart as soon as possible.

7 31 16 Venus Eris Manifestation

At this time, as we move from our 3D physical experience into the 5D higher Self, consider that we are still equipped with TWO core chakras. The 3D core is in the root chakra, where survival and everything associated with it motivates us. The 5D core is the heart. The still, peaceful heart is about to become our new root chakra.

The lower three chakras, (root, hara and solar plexus), are all created by us so that we can live in the physical world. All chakras are energy centers, through which all life flows. In order to remain in physical form we need these three chakras to survive here.

But for the past decade or so, the heart chakra has expanded exponentially. There are three chambers of the new heart chakra, known to the masters as the three flames.... the flames of Power, Love and Wisdom.

The heart has also expanded to include the high heart chakra, which exists behind and above the heart chakra, and is the place within our center where we access Source.

All the parts of the new 5D heart chakra are awakening now, courtesy of Venus' manifestations with Eris and Uranus this weekend. Allow disruption to be what it is, and to show you who you truly are as you choose to remain centered in your still heart.

The world around you is reflecting the inner transformation that is taking place. And it would not be so thorough or so effective without Eris' awakening power.

At this time, ALL disruption must be seen as the force of awakening. If you can't see it, just breathe, and wait a moment or two, and all will be revealed.

Stay tuned to you.

"An enlightened soul is not one to whom Truth has been revealed, but one who has summoned it; and not just when they've been driven by pain, but when life's seas were as calm as glass. "

The Universe   (Mike Dooley)