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REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN FOR MY NEW 2016/2017 COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS CERTIFICATION PROGRAM! **If you’re considering studying with me, either to become a certified practitioner of¬†Cosmic Consciousness, or because you are ready¬†to understand your Self better, consider the following:

Beginning today, and for the next 10 days,¬†I am offering a free download of my ‘Introduction to Cosmic Consciousness’ MP3 with Powerpoint Presentation to give you a taste of the new language of Astrology. TO GET YOUR DOWNLOAD¬†CLICK HERE AND ENTER THE CODE¬†INTROCC at checkout to bring the cost down to $0.¬†

And CLICK HERE for the course details!

AND PLEASE join me¬†for the MT. SHASTA ¬†SPIRITUAL RETREAT on AUGUST 22nd through 28th,¬†by signing up¬†for REMOTE ATTENDANCE! Bring your Self energetically into the experience. ¬†Just go the registration page and click on the remote option….¬†

Check out all the new Cosmic Consciousness from Christine Clemmer, Shelly Leal and Anne Harris!

I am¬†aware that there has been some shutting down¬†in response to the remote exchange option. Obviously this is not at all my intention. The remote exchange is meant to be an invitation to those who recognize the value of it.¬†¬†If you don’t, you are still most welcome to attend the retreat etherically. What is preventing you? If you DO¬†recognize the purpose of energy exchange, please do gift your Self and all of us with your offering. CLICK HERE to do so. A few days ago Master Kuthumi asked me to talk about remote attendance a little more every day. I should have known that it would bring on lessons for all. I will continue to explain the purpose and benefits of this option in the days to come.

Welcome to August! We move from the spiritual, esoteric vibration of the ‘7’ to the transformative and very authentic power of the ‘8’. This is an intense way to start the month, as Mars spends his last day in Scorpio, at the Master degree, before he returns to the truth-seeking, fear clearing energies of Sagittarius tomorrow. Too, we are still in the middle of Venus’ manifestations to Eris and Uranus, thus¬†we can pretty much expect the unexpected throughout the day. It’s a kind of a wild card day, in no uncertain terms.

8 1 16 Su nSaturn Manifestation

8 1 16 Venus Uranus Manifestation

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