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Welcome to August! We move from the spiritual, esoteric vibration of the '7' to the transformative and very authentic power of the '8'. This is an intense way to start the month, as Mars spends his last day in Scorpio, at the Master degree, before he returns to the truth-seeking, fear clearing energies of Sagittarius tomorrow. Too, we are still in the middle of Venus' manifestations to Eris and Uranus, thus we can pretty much expect the unexpected throughout the day. It's a kind of a wild card day, in no uncertain terms.

8 1 16 Su nSaturn Manifestation

8 1 16 Venus Uranus Manifestation

The Cancer Moon produces an emotional orientation to our environment today, and that means that Venus' manifestations (trines) to the Great Awakeners will likely generate some unsettling experiences at the heart level. Let them come. Emotion is meant to move us, not to shut us down. The heart can uncover some very ancient hidden debris, the kind we don't usually have access to.

When that kind of karmic residue appears, it is an opportunity to clear it away, once and for all. Clearing old karma means treating it with Love, and making very sure not to repeat the old pattern of fear based reaction. That is how karma gets created in the first place.

This is an important day, before the Moon goes dark later tonight, to work with whatever emotional disruption came up over the weekend. The more devoid of karmic residue we are, (which is the same thing as saying the more enlightened we are), the more prepared we will be for tomorrow's Leo New Moon.

That New Moon involves a manifestation with Saturn, and that process begins today, before the Moon gets to Leo. The Sun Saturn manifestation at about 2pm EDT today offers a head start to the important restructuring process that is on tap.

That process is all about refocusing the consciousness on the higher Self, and on the positivity of the Light and the Love that is available there. When we focus on what we lack, (or worse, on what we perceive others lack), we create more karma and the illusion of more time. We are already home, and there is no need to 'do' any more time in the 3D realm.

The weeks ahead offer the amazing unprecedented opportunity to move much more fully into the new world. Those opportunities will keep on coming. Even when we miss them, they will become more and more plentiful in the weeks and months to come. Our job is to stay centered in the heart and be ready to step into Love as much as we possibly can.

One of these days we will be there fully and without exception.

Stay tuned to you.

"I have seen many storms in my life. Most storms have caught me by surprise, so I had to learn very quickly to look further and understand that I am not capable of controlling the weather, to exercise the art of patience and to respect the fury of nature." 

- Paulo Coelho