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More than half of all the planets and points are currently transiting wisdom signs, formerly known as mutable. At this moment there are two different wisdom bridges (both of them are actually¬†intersections) opening and these avenues¬†will be accessible to us for some time to come. A wisdom bridge makes it possible to expand into action you haven’t been open to before. All the wisdom signs facilitate action that comes from realizing the Self and stepping into the essence of who you are. We gain wisdom¬†from these efforts and wisdom allows for action that comes from the heart. An intersection, formerly known as a T-Square, makes it possible to experience the fullness of a polarity from the observer’s perspective. This may seem obtuse at first glance, but consider what happens when the two banks of a river become simultaneously available when a path of stepping stones appears. Such is the magic of the new world.

8 4 16 Mercury Orcus New Cycle

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