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 There's yet another version of the current ongoing Wisdom intersection activating today with the Mercury Neptune bridge that opens for traffic right in the middle of the day today. Mercury formed a stepping stone with Saturn yesterday, and Saturn and Neptune are within 2 degrees of manifesting a stepping stone of their own, and when Saturn goes direct in one week, these two planets will be doubly applying toward that square. It will not be exact until the first week of September. That means it will be building and dominating the atmosphere for most of the summer from here on in.

8 7 16 Sun Pluto Great Eliminator

8 7 16 Mercury Neptune Bridge

Good thing there are so many other huge planetary events taking place during August.Mercury moves into his retrograde shadow in just a few days, and will go retrograde on the 31st of August. Saturn, as mentioned, is pulling into his station now and will go direct on the 13th. That ALSO means that Mercury and Saturn will be hanging around this stepping stone action all summer long.

The Sun crosses the world axis today, as we move through the Lion's Gate Portal, the Summer reaches its midpoint. It is at this time of the year that Sirius and Orion come back into view and our consciousness here in the Northern hemisphere. These stars are very much connected to the Egyptian era, when humanity fell from unity consciousness. It is the point bridging where we are now, namely making our way back toward unity. On one level, that makes every planetary bridge a significant pathway that leads us home. All we ever have to do to make use of one is to apply unity consciousness instead of separation.

The World Axis Sun forms a Great Eliminator with Pluto this morning. You may recall that the Sun formed the same connection with Neptune as the week began, inside the New Moon energy. This completes the Finger of God that defined and emphasized the major forks in the road that emerged all week long. It's been a wild week, there's no denying. For me, the great fork had to do with choosing to remain centered and empowered, in the face of anything and everything that showed up.

There was a lot. There were fast balls, curve balls, and a select few strike zone moments. Staying centered made all the difference. I believe it revealed Truth and potential that would have been completely hidden from view if there had been fear, or doubt or anxiety involved. That's not to say that none of those showed up. They certainly did. But when they did, the choice to take the high road invariably appeared. Such is the nature and fabric of the Great Eliminator.

We all learned a lot this week. And when all is said and done, what we learned the most was who we truly are. We are learning what we're made of, now that we're made of new multidimensional stuff. This is all new to us. Once we adopt the new belief system that will eventually grow out of this, the new world will be born.

It's actually the new belief system we are here to manifest. The world is made of our projected beliefs. The new world will take care of itself.


"Stay at the center of the circle and let all things take their course." -

Lao Tzu