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 I received this email from a faithful reader, Jan Finley, regarding the Mars/Saturn/Antares event that is dominating the cosmos for the next few weeks:

“I discovered that Antares is the Guardian of Gateway to the Underworld which makes perfect sense, especially regarding the darker aspects of ourselves!  As you said, he brings up shadow stuff and I would offer that he is the Guardian of the Threshold, who brings us face to face with the dark, unhealed elements of ourselves, i.e. the Shadow.  His job is no less important than Pluto’s, as he offers us the opportunity to come into wholeness but acknowledging our shadows.

I read the article you cited and was fascinated at how clearly she describes Trump as she defines Antares.  There can be no question that he carries a collective shadow of all of us. One has only to look at the thousands of closet racists who have flown out into public to proudly claim their prejudice and racism to see this Shadow in action.  We all have our prejudices and biases, however benign and different from the ones espoused by Trump, and we must take responsibility for them in order for us to move into our oneness.”

What a movie!

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I don’t know about you, but I personally have been dealing with shadow stuff for a while… for years.. specifically since my near death experience 4-5 years ago. I have been dealing with my “stuff” diligently, because I chose to. I am certain that if I had not been willing to take response ability for my deep dark fear-based issues I would be dealing with them in a much harsher way right now.

I hope and pray that all of you reading this have realized that no matter how tough it is for you right now, you are still sitting prettier than most. The world is polarizing, and most can not see how critical things are. The Earth is ascending, and those who are willing to ride this wave will make it through. It is tough, maybe the toughest thing we’ve ever done…EVER.. But we will survive this wave of realignment between dark and light, and we will realize that we are the progenitors of the new world.

In all honesty, how many people do you know who you can have this conversation with? Who would truly grasp this language and recognize the significance of this moment on the planet? Not too many, right? You are one of the chosen few.. the second coming.. the avant garde…Stay riveted to the higher planes… Don’t take your focus off your higher Self.

Mars has slipped out of bounds and we can ride the ruler of the physical world into this uncharted territory. He is headed for Saturn/Antares… for the critical moment when dark meets light… and the choice to BE LOVE is the key to the successful navigation of this wave of ascension.

This is it. This is the moment we came for. Let it be an adventure. Don’t allow your Self to be dominated by the discomfort and fear that keeps popping up. It is a gravity in a space where the energies are meant to lift you up. Both sides of the coin exist… they exist everywhere.. The only saving Grace is your own conscious effort to choose the Path of Love.

Your Higher Self is made of Love. Don’t take your eyes off you.

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

– Walt Disney