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 There's still so much going on, and that doesn't count the steadily building Mars/Saturn/Antares conjunction which becomes exact on August 24th. This three planet new cycle is SO active. There are a lot of moving parts to it, including Mars' journey out of bounds that began two days ago, Saturn's station on Saturday EXACTLY conjunct... down to the minute... Antares, and Mars' exact transit of Antares ALSO on 8/24. This energy is so huge it is impossible to miss. It is, however, possible to ignore, and believe it when you hear it, ignoring these energies is NOT the most desirable thing to do.

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Despite the incredible shadowy energies of this huge upcoming planetary event, today marks the day that the Jupiter Chiron bridge becomes exact for the third of three times. This path to personal mastery began last November, on the 3rd to be exact, and it was reinforced on February 23 of this year and now, at last, we reach the manifestation (the '3') of this amazing journey we've been on to leave fear and ego oriented reaction behind and step up into a much more self aware way to travel through this world.

Jupiter is a big player these days too. He just formed Great Eliminators with Eris and Uranus this week, and of course he completed his triple stepping stone with Saturn this past Spring. He has just been visited by Mercury and Venus, who will come together to begin a new balanced Male/Female cycle at the end of this month right smack on the world axis at 29 Virgo. Jupiter has made his way through the sign of the Divine Mother and restored our consciousness to the Truth of the feminine Self, and he is about to participate in the upcoming worm hole in a couple of ways. (We'll get to those later).

Then, toward the end of the Summer, Jupiter will cross the world axis in this same place moving on into Libra to make contact with MakeMake, the archetype of Cosmic Order and Divine Law. This too will occur inside the next worm hole. In fact, that worm hole will deliver us directly to Jupiter MakeMake and the new world.

That new world will be whatever you make it.  Your thoughts and beliefs will create everything you experience and now, as we make our ways through our shadow stuff once and for all, it's up to each and every one of us to choose to express the very essence of the Love we are, shine the Light we came here to shine, and shake off all the old karmic debris we've carried for so many centuries once and for all.

If you intend to make it to the new world, you will have to ride THIS wave.. the one we are currently riding. Not everyone wants to ride it, and not everyone on it will actually make it through. Don't be too concerned with what that actually means. The bottom line is everyone lives on. This world is fast becoming a 5D world. It will not be able to sustain 3D life for much longer. Those who choose the 3D experience will journey to one of the new EARTH LIKE planets we manifested these past few years. They await those who choose them.

But Baba Ram Dass has it right. The only way to the new world is to BE HERE NOW.

Stay tuned to you.

"Love is that power to wash, to cleanse, to purify this planet. Your Love."

Sai Maa