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 It is truly stunning when so many of you ask for clarity or more info… particularly when it all comes at the same time! I am going to take this day to answer some of your questions… 

From Maxinne:Can you say a bit more about this from your posting today – reunification of light and dark. Have been for past few months having this image of myself standing on black & white bathroom tiles and hearing the words – standing in the paradox of the reunification of light and dark.”

From Erin:  “I came across this article the other day. Any thoughts on Niku? “

From Natalie F:  ‘since I discovered Antares in 1999 as the Heart of the Scorpion and as an important component to my Evolution, I am finding this Antares/Mars/Saturn alignment AMAZING. It feels as though things are finally starting to come together for our Collective Evolution.

Also, I noticed that Quaoar is conjunct the Galactic Center. As Stephanie said, on I believe 8/14/15:

“Quaoar represents the 6D capacity of thought form. There is a place in our consciousness where all thought manifests and begins to take shape, in the form of sacred geometry. When you think a kind, loving thought, it has a certain sacred geometry, and vice versa. Quaoar is the place in all of us where thought begins, and with consciousness, it it the place where the new world made of Love and Light finds its origin. Quaoar (pronounced Kwa-wahr), is retrograde and has just come off a transit to the Galactic Center. The capacity to awaken to this part of our consciousness at this time is such a blessing.”

I just feel like this is such an amazing time for Focused Transmutation and Co-Creation!!!’

Three different questions, all profoundly related….

8 16 16 Sun Uranus Manifestation

And all these questions/statements being asked/raised under the Sun Eris/Uranus manifestations…. There’s a whole lot of waking going on!

First to Maxinne and the reunification of Light and Dark… Reunification is the bringing back together to unity of the duality we have lived in for so long as a result of experiencing our Selves to be separate from each other and Source. The intense polarization (splitting off) of the dark and light (fear and Love) forces on the planet right now has to happen.. It precedes the bringing back together, the transcendence of the dualistic forces. Many on the planet right now choose to partake of the polarization process and it is our choice to observe it, knowing it leads to reunification. We have chosen to ride this energy wave all the way through to the unified state. Don’t ask which you are! If you are reading this, if you’re here now, you’re here for the unity.

This reunification is a process that will truly begin to show itself after the MARS/ANTARES/SATURN new cycle is complete, around the end of this month. The polarization is, LITERALLY, MARS/ANTARES. Saturn is present to preside over the process and keep those of us on the Love track. Integrity is key. Trusting your inner guidance mechanism is too.

Jumping to Natalie F: Yes, it is totally possible to experience the triple conjunction of Mars/Antares/Saturn in  a very constructive way. If you’ve been working on your Self these past years, you are likely having a decent time of it. If this is tough on you, it still offers the same results. What is required is the belief that all is as it should be, no matter what it looks like, no matter how it feels, no matter what you think about it.

Quaoar conjunct the Galactic Center to my perception means that it is the perfect moment for us to realize we create the world with our thoughts and thus to begin a new world with a new belief/thought system. That is where Quaoar comes in.

And finally to Erin: It seems to me that we are only just beginning to realize that our SOULAR System (consciousness) contains far more amazement and complexity than we’ve ever known. I have been aware for some time that some of the new 5D planets travel in a plane different from our original 9 planets, and this new planet, traveling backwards, tells me we have achieved the new consciousness. In Cosmic Consciousness, the planets in our Soular system travel counter clockwise, and CC teaches that only a clockwise movement is a movement toward Source.

This new planet, NIKU, is not a crazy wild thing, it’s the first archetype that is in our Soular System that delivers us to Source. If you ask me, it is the reflection of the wave we are riding… directly to the new consciousness. Expect more of these to show up in the days and months ahead!

“When we’re identified with Awareness, we’re no longer living in a world of polarities. Everything is present at the same time.”