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 Venus is in rare form right now, moving past the midpoint of Virgo, the Divine Mother consciousness that each and every one of us contains within. Venus is set to manifest with Pluto today, bringing about what I referred to the other day as a profound change of heart. The more pure your vessel is, (and we've all been powerfully emptied of our core stuckness in the past few weeks), the more powerfully awakening this change of heart will be.

8 17 16 Venus Pluto Manifestation

Venus is fresh off her conjunction with the Soul Star chakra, the Moon's North Node, producing a brand new cycle of evolutionary energies. In what way is your heart now exhibiting new consciousness? The manifestation with Pluto today promises to push that consciousness into full expression, making tangible and real what has been a growing inclination these past few days.

Today Venus is crossing the degree that Mercury will retrograde back to and station at on September 21.  Mercury crossed this same degree on August 10, when he officially entered his retrograde shadow.  That means that all inner and outer connection that has occurred since that date is about to be revisited, and that includes the events, shifts and full blown manifestations that come up courtesy of Venus today. 15 Virgo is officially a sensitive point now, for the next while.

The Divine Feminine overflows. There is water everywhere, and while it is devastating to many at this moment (there are floods all over the world right now), the water is the evidence of the newly empowered feminine presence. The water is juxtaposed (ALSO everywhere) with some of the worst drought we've known in our memory. Such is the polarization that is showing itself at every turn.

It is painfully uncomfortable, no matter which polarity surrounds you, but it is essential if the reunification is going to come into being. The masculine and feminine must balance. At the end of August Mercury and Venus, the new Masculine/Feminine archetypes will come together at 29 Virgo, on the world axis, at the master degree (29) of Virgo. That is also, by the way, Mercury's retrograde station.

And all this comes one day before we enter the next wormhole, which I am fondly calling the 'carte blanche' wormhole, taking place at 10 Virgo in a bridge with Neptune. The limitless is our true destination, once that male/female balance is struck.

New world, here we are.

Stay tuned to you.

"Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them."

- Marcus Aurelius