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Yesterday's Full Moon was majorly involved with the Uranus Eris conjunction and Mercury. All of these archetypes have delivered us to a profoundly important Finger of God. This is yet another major fork in the road, and since this current Full Moon is the passageway that delivers us to the upcoming worm hole, it seems to me there is one single hugely important decision to be made: Are you ready to wake up and enter the new world or not?

8 19 16 Mercury Uranus Great Eliminator

For the past month or so, since Eris and Uranus came together for the first of three times, every planet that has interacted with these two Great Awakeners has reflected some major disruption/awakening moment on the planet. Mercury forming a Great Eliminator with each other Awakening forces (last night and today) certainly contributes to the realization that it is time to bring our consciousness to the situation at hand: namely the ascension of the planet.

Not everyone will ascend, but the planet most certainly will. Make no mistake about this, those who do not ascend are choosing not to, consciously or not. The more consciously we make this choice as we come upon this Fork of awakening/not awakening, the easier it will be on us. Disruption is for certain, by virtue of Eris' presence, but that doesn't mean it has to be too uncomfortable, not after all we've already been through.

We have moved as fully as possible right now into our higher minds. The Divine Masculine is manifesting and right action is becoming the MO of the new world. That is, the heart considers and makes it choices (without analysis or too much consideration) by Knowing what it Knows, and action ensues from the heart's direction. RIGHT ACTION.... DIVINE MASCULINE.. All the same thing. This is the new essence of MARS. MERCURY'S new essence it the higher Christed consciousness that interacts with the heart... in fact it defers to the heart, before DECIDING anything.

Decisions as we have known them are a thing of the old world. The heart is the master now. If you have made this decision and you are doing the work required to take the higher road at this juncture, ascension is yours. The planet ascends and all who opt to stay with her ascend as well. Water rises and everything on the water rises with it. If you choose not to ascend, this will soon be a planet that is not for you. Not to worry, there are others we have manifested that can serve the 3D consciousness.

The Full Moon formed the end of the Finger of God, and the capacity to step forward, almost before you actually do is an essential ingredient at this moment when time has morphed into non-time and there is no longer any such thing as past or future. There is only now, forever more.

How exciting is it to be here on this amazing planet that has decided to ascend with all of us on it? In order to bring ascension to its fullest meaning, we will have to bring the higher consciousness fully into our cells and DNA. It's why we're here. This is just the very beginning, the first teeny tiny step toward the new paradigm. But make no mistake, we have carried this new paradigm with us in our hearts all along. We are not getting somewhere, we are finally letting our Selves BE.

Stay perfectly tuned to you.

“In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true.”