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REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN FOR MY NEW 2016/2017 COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS CERTIFICATION PROGRAM! Learn the new language of Astrology with Stephanie! Classes begin September 6 with an 8 week adjunct course to calibrate the chakras to the 5D frequencies. CLICK HERE for the details!

AND PLEASE join me for the MT. SHASTA  SPIRITUAL RETREAT ALL NEXT WEEK AUGUST 22nd through 28th, by signing up for REMOTE ATTENDANCE! Bring your Self energetically into the experience.  Just go the registration page and click on the remote option.... 

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I am traveling early this morning, and I will be arriving at Shasta later today to prepare the energies for our highly energized retreat which begins on Monday. We have already been invited to a couple of interesting events by some of the local folks, even before we arrive. There are many etheric souls joining us and you can still sign up remotely to add your presence to the festivities and the mission. The energies are so powerful, and the Mars/Antares/Saturn connection occurs right in the middle of this journey, on Thursday!  I have been informed that our group is asked to contribute our energies, physical and etheric, to working within the Shasta vortex to help bring about the reunification of all the energies that are polarizing at this time. Please tune into your heart and don't hesitate to add your energies and become a part of this work.. CLICK HERE to sign up etherically for the Shasta Experience..

If there is such a thing as an uneventful day these days, this would be it. I, for example, will spend most of the day on a plane or driving in a car, yet I am also setting out on a huge, life transforming journey! The week ahead is a huge one. There's a lot of planetary activity reflecting a lot of inner transformation and realignment, and all of that is only to deliver us to our next worm hole journey. The worm hole ahead is what I am lovingly referring to as a 'carte blanche' wormhole, because that Virgo Moon, that Soular eclipse, is in a bridge with Neptune, guardian of the limitless realm, and literally anything, ANYTHING can come to BE.

8 20 16

We are headed for a Venus Mercury new cycle that occurs on the world axis at 29 Virgo, the master degree of the Divine feminine. Venus and Mercury, the new 5D archetypes of the feminine, masculine relationship, come together right here, and this is also the place where Mercury will station and go retrograde. These events occur back to back, on August 30 and 31. Then the worm hole opens on September 1. What a set up. What a major calibration/4 body alignment/upgrade, unlike any we've known so far. It seems as though it's going to prove to be a requirement for the passage up ahead.

Let's not forget that Mars/Antares and Saturn are coming together on Thursday morning, and this too is a game changer that will serve as an energy supply to the wormhole passage. This ultimate polarization (splitting apart) and reunification (coming back together) of all the dualistic forces we have lived with for so many aeons is the kick off, the spark, if you will, of the great Ascension. Mars' presence promises an activation, and the Venus Mercury new cycle that follows is the main ingredient for the ascension to take place.

If you're ready, the moment has come. Here's a little secret. Don't ask your Self if you're ready. Just go directly to your heart and let it move you. You mind will come up with a millions reasons why you're not prepared. You heart was born ready. It is time to go straight to the heart, bypassing the mind, (the lower mind) and allow it to generate all choice and action. When you are centered in your heart, there is no such thing as choosing, but the choices are clear and once you realize this you will know that they were made (by you) long before you got into this particular body.

The moment is here. Open your heart. Trust in trust. Faith in Faith, You already have everything you could ever need to take this journey, and it is, in fact, the reason you came. It's a tough time on the planet, and no one is exempt from the stresses and tensions of the polarization process, but suffering through it is and always has been optional.

Make a different choice. Ride this wave like it's the greatest adventure you've ever known, and don't doubt for a second that it will deliver you anywhere but back to your Self. AND DON'T TAKE YOUR EYES OFF YOU.

"Go to the pure I AM. Not I am this or I am that, but simply I AM. Then throw out the I, so that there is only AM. This is the stateless state, the ultimate principle, the absolute Self. Everything, in essence, is this absolute principle called the Self."

~ Adyashanti