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I understand that the remote ink had expired and I apologize... It is fixed no, so please don't hesitate to join us on this miraculous journey....The energies are so powerful, and the Mars/Antares/Saturn connection occurs today, right overhead as the sun sets here in Shasta. I am leading the group in a communion with the GREAT reunifiying energies of this new cycle, and of course, we are here on a mission to work within the Shasta vortex to help bring about that reunification of all the energies that are polarizing at this time. Please add your  own energies and join us in this work.. CLICK HERE to sign up etherically for the Shasta Experience..

 Today is the day... The big day when the Shadow meets the Light... when male and female energies align enough to produce the balance that will manifest when Mercury and Venus come together on the 30th. For so many on this planet, the events of this week provide the greatest opportunity we've known in many thousands of years to achieve the appropriate inner attunement, which in many cases feels like a fully emptied vessel, for the upcoming ascension to take place.

8 24 16 Mars Saturn New Cycle

8 24 15 Venus Eris Great Eliminator

It's not a big surprise that Venus is in the middle of two Great Eliminators with Eris (today) and Uranus (tomorrow), helping to produce the perfect heart centered energies for the great balancing next week. Venus is moving through Virgo, sign of the Divine Mother, and about to make her own connection with Jupiter... These are some very big energies being reflected back to us. It's vital to remember all of this is occurring within us.

Speaking of what is occurring within us, pay attention and see if you can't realize those places where the shadows are the most prominent in you. It's going to feel like old stuff. Like some of your oldest stuff ever. Let it come up. In some cases it may be pretty sticky and dense. Do't judge it. Just let it be what it is.

Once it comes up it can meet the Light at last, and the Light dissolves all the density that ever accompanied those shadows. Don't try to figure out where the shadows are. Don't set out to understand them. This process has to be done from the heart, with the heart. Take anything you observe and send it into your heart. Let your heart do all your deciding.

Decide without any mental activity.. The heart knows all the answers. Let it inform you and move you, all in the same breath. This is Right Action, and it is the new divine masculine Self. It is emerging and finding its essence under this Mars/Antares/Saturn new cycle. Once this completes, and it is a profound process, we will be ready for the next step... the balancing.

But first things first. Let Mars/Anti-Mars play itself out. As it does so in you, it does so for the entire planet. What changes within changes without. Let it happen, and don't be at all concerned with the how.

Antares is a Royal Star, represented by the Archangel Uriel. Uriel means The Light of God. Where there is intense shadow it is merely preceding intense Light. Put your focus on that Light and direct it toward the shadow. Then watch it as it disappears forever....

Here is Ellias Lonsdale's meditation for the big conjunction today, reprinted with his permission from his book Star Sparks:

  Sagittarius 10:  A star turning many different colors.

"Life in the earth is a perpetual multiplicity stew. When you first come upon it, this experience is chaotic, scattering, confusing, even disorienting. But then you start to get into it, and everything turns.

                You begin to discover that your own soul is a breeder of lifetimes, of identities, of realms of experience and that at the center of it all, there are just further ripples of this process. So if you are skillful, adroit, willing, you begin to unfold a path for yourself, that can get you through the primal imprint of meeting yourself everywhere and being blown away by what you meet.

                Most sharply, you discover how to enjoy what at first seems too much to take. As you gain your leverage and your humor, you turn your worlds into a wide open process that you are always in the midst of and always forming yourself through. Such great permission to be everywhere, nowhere, somewhere, wherever. Every bit of it is needed badly.

                For you start to find that you are contagious by a subterranean route and that what you radiate gets through. You leave a very strong impression. So the knack you are after is to empower the utmost in everybody by starting with yourself. Whatever you can let yourself become, it’s there on the shared horizon to spark anybody interested.

                If you really work on it, a much greater capacity comes into being. This is to bring spirit to birth through you all the time. The whole of existence wants to overflow through your presence. You don’t need boundaries. You just need to go deep enough to find the space open in here."

"The wound is the place where the Light enters you."

- Rumi


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