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Sometimes when a worm hole opens the planetary activity is so profound it requires some real focus and integration. What happens at the start of anything pretty much tells the tale. Mercury went retrograde just before the eclipse occurred, so this entire wormhole journey is about the recalibration of the higher Mind, according to all we went through just before the weekend. There is much processing to do, but it has to happen at the heart level. We literally have to stay out of our heads for this one. 

9 3 16

9 2 16 Sun Neptune Bridge

The very first last thing that happened before the eclipse was a Mercury Jupiter conjunction and then Mercury’s station. Then, after the eclipse, the Sun (and the Moon) formed a stepping stone with Saturn and today the Sun bridges with Neptune. This is yet another wisdom intersection, (formerly known as a mutable T-square). The latter encourages change, the 5D version generates right action. The eclipsed Sun (and the Moon too) both engaged with Saturn and Neptune as their first order of activity. Saturn and Neptune come together in a partile (exact) stepping stone next week. This is a huge critical turning point, one that we’ve been dealing with all our lives, and that is now possible to rise above, with a wide open heart.

With a wide open heart anything is possible.  That is just what we are here to learn, as we face our shadows and look them right in the eye and shine our Light all over them. Light eliminates shadow… Love dissipates fear. The Sun/Moon/Saturn/Neptune intersection offers each and every one of us the chance to choose Self -Love and Self-respect over anything that has ever diverted us or tricked us into believing we were anything less than precious.

The Mercury Jupiter conjunction two days ago is now matched by a second conjunction, this time with Mercury retrograde. Mercury is the new archetype of the higher Christed Mind. Jupiter is consciousness, Truth, social identity of the most expansive kind, and all things benevolent. This conjunction today occurs at the same degree as the first one two days ago, 29 Virgo. Mercury’s station occurred at 30 Virgo. As I look at it, I don’t recall printing this meditation from Ellias Lonsdale the other day… I am not sure why, but I will print it now, and please recall it is the same guiding principle for the first and the second Mercury Jupiter conjunctions.

The difference is that with a retrograde Mercury, the Mind is more focused on Source, making the capacity for an open heart so much more possible. These next few weeks inside the sideways elevator are SO important. An eclipse passage that begins with a soular eclipse points to a reboot of consciousness, and the fact that the new Moon was conjunct the Soul Star Chakra (the North Node), bodes well for our evolutionary journey.

The second eclipse on September 16 is conjunct Chiron in Pisces. Chiron, as the dispositor of Virgo, presides over this entire wormhole passage, and so the second lunar eclipse conjunct the Earth Star Chakra is an inner shift that is essential to the realignment of the lower four body system with the new Christed consciousness. What an incredible journey we are on.

Remember that a sideways elevator brings the every present possibility that you will be moved in an unexpected, often unprecedented direction, and that the point of it all is to be courageous and ready to be redirected. There is nothing outside of you, so you can’t be moved to alien soil. But you might just be delivered to that part of your Self you’ve dreamed of but have never been able to get to … till now.

When I end this blog every day with the direcie “stay tuned to you”, please know that it is probably the most important thing you can do at this time. If you don’t know your Self, you won’t be able to make much sense out of anything new that you encounter. Know thy Self is the key to liberation and awakening.

Here is the promised meditation, reprinted with Ellias Lonsdale’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

Virgo 29:   A witch preparing magic mushrooms.

 “Something new is beginning. To get it going in the right direction, we need those willing to undertake the forbidden, the strange, the entirely other ways of being. And we need such souls to slip under all forms of surveillance in order to work within their special spheres without interference or complication.

                What they do under there is to instigate, provoke, entice, propel whatever factor or facet has previously been neglected, envied, overlooked, and swept under the rug. They must give all attention to that missing element and do so quietly, effectively, yet with great purposive focus and intensive inner drive.

                They will get inside just about every conceivable tangent, distraction, or momentary derailing of everything they are about. Only as they are endangered and very close to losing everything, will they be likely to come again from that other side. This is because they trance out into every pattern they take on. This is a considerable disadvantage. Yet it goes with the territory.

                The only way they could fulfill their special hidden assignments is by entering these from a purely undersoul initiation that depends upon staying under in the most unusual states of mind anybody can imagine. They must survive under water, stay in there during prolonged cycles, and even hold a deep focus when their whole world is really against them.

                So this is not an easy flowing stream. This is very choppy waters. Nonetheless, it is the perfect set-up for the real task at hand. When you are serving unofficial and unrecognized forces and streams and aspects of experience, you really need to be a little crazy, way off the deep end to make it work. And here the state of mind which is wild and ecstatic masks a fiercely serious endeavor.”


AMAZING isn’t it?


“Paradoxically balance is regained instantly, no matter the impact of that aspect of the shadow we are integrating, we live right now in two distinctly incompatible planes: duality and unity keep jumping from one to the other. Facing the shadow and embracing it is how we step back again into our Self based Love vehicle and we are discovering how we can enjoy the roller coaster and creatively use it to manifest that entirely different world we want. And the coming together and uniting of the divine masculine and feminine is so soft and swift, the resurrection so easy!”

Sylviane Gianina

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