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Here we are in the middle of the most intense worm hole in my memory, (and I've been here a while). I KNOW everyone is going through it, though some are handling it better than others. I am 100% aware that all of this is an illusion, and most of the time I can stay centered in the stillness of my heart and trust, but I have definitely had some of the most abject terror-filled moments I can remember in just the last 48 hours. The most amazing part is watching it all, even the intense emotion, from the observer's perch, and never totally losing sight of higher Truth of it all, which is that it's all happening just as it's supposed to, for my highest good. Welcome to the Pisces Full Moon lunar eclipse with Chiron in tow. It hurts, oh yes it hurts, but it's an exquisite moment of wholing in the end, and no matter what we're feeling, we realize the Truth. 



There are bits of wisdom all over the internet...

"YOUR HEALING GATEWAY IS HERE... We're in for an intense 24 hours! Chiron (the large asteroid in our solar system) will be in direct alignment with the Earth and Sun and at its closest to Earth all year! Happening just before the final eclipse of 2016, this signals a healing doorway, through which you can rise above old pains and personal restrictions. Emotions can run high. As I've said in the current Tip-Off Forecast... " Your feelings are on the surface of your skin. We are experiencing a heightened cosmic influence in which we are being forced to lay our old wounds bare and accept that we have grown and matured in this Year of Completion. You can take great advantage of the current energy by... " Elizabeth Peru

"The need to recognize that the weakest, most embarrassing or shameful part of yourself is strangely your greatest source of strength and wisdom to help others.
It is where you have failed and disappointed yourself, after you have gone to your wits end and found there is no escape from yourself.
You are oddly still
isolated from the rest of the world.
This eclipse can lead you to your discovery that the only freedom lies in discovering and accepting your difference, for there lies your true genius."

Michael Lutin

"The kiss of a total stranger
The full moon approaches as the Sun opposes Chiron.
Feeling that outsider feeling already,
Like "You don't belong here."
Well, right now you don't. And yet you persist.
More to come"

"So odd, this eclipse---to experience totally opposite feelings at exactly the same time!"

"You've been on this road in exactly the same spot before. Question is, can you navigate it differently this time?"

Michael Lutin

You get the picture, I'm sure. This is a very VERY strange moment, when everything that has ever scared you or hurt you is up in your face, or at least back in your mind, and at the same time your heart knows all is well, and it's the weirdest place to be standing. It feels like we're on a bridge, and the polarity of it is pulling us in any and every direction. The sideways elevator turns out to be a lateral movement that bestows a new breadth, a new dimensionality, and we can catch some glimpses of it now, but it's still manifesting, and it's going to take a few more weeks before we can attain any real awareness of the newest version of our Selves.

Chiron, the Master Teacher is closer to our Earth than ever, and conjoined with the Moon for this eclipse, the sideways movement promises to deliver us to a new kind of personal mastery. All we really have to do is allow all the movement that's taking place. For me it is extremely painful. It's core, no doubt about it. Chiron gives this whole Virgo eclipse passage its disposition. That means, more than anything else, that the evens taking place right now are providing a great alignment and wholing, and no other outcome is possible.

The planets are all very connected to each other, which means that there's a lot of inner activity taking place. Mars is interacting with Uranus and Eris, manifesting with them, taking us to newly awakened planes of physical and spiritual consciousness. Mars and Ixion have just begun a new cycle (conjunction), and the life purpose around our physicality is brand new. Mars and Ixion are in stepping stones with the Sun and Moon, which implies that this new life purpose is a spiritual one (The Sun and Moon co-rule the spiritual body).

Venus is coming into a new cycle with Haumea (wholeness and unity consciousness) and both are in Great Eliminators (inconjuncts, forks in the road) with Chiron and the Moon, and in a major new bridge with Eris and Uranus. Every single lower body ruler is participating in this eclipse, including Mercury, whose super inferior conjunction with the Sun that played out all week long, has produced major new consciousness that is coming out of the Chironic challenges we are facing.

This is the battle between the Arjuna and the Lord. The GOOD fight that has to be undertaken. This is that moment when the old world transmutes itself into the new, and everything, everything becomes unchartered. It hurts, but its exciting. STAY TUNED TO YOU.

Here are Ellias Lonsdale's meditations for today's Moon Chiron conjunction AND the eclipse/full Moon, reprinted with the author's permission from his book Star Sparks: (THESE ARE CRAZY!!)

Moon Chiron -  Pisces 23:  Someone lurking in a dark wood. They are waiting for a passerby.

"The inward experience of a primal split. We search for our lost self and equally are the one who is lost. We span many polarities. We are life and death, spirit and deep substance, awaking awareness and the nightmares which haunt.

                We are disturbed, uneasy, on edge. Whatever we fear feels to be very close at hand. We are stalking ourselves. A part got dislodged from the rest somewhere back there. And so we can sense that something is missing, something is wrong with us, and nothing outward can make any difference in it.

                Our path here lies in soul process of a radical kind. We cannot find a true center and inner ground. So we are desperate to probe, to pierce, to get down under. This leads us on an adventure through our own primal soul, through the collective undersoul, into all the deep hidden places of this earth.

                We are called upon to heal the split. It is absolutely crucial that we do something about what we are up against. It’s the kind of thing which gets worse if you ignore it. Whatever is faced becomes the known, something to build on in these deep waters.

                Whether sensed as inside the soul, inside the world, or both, we are here faced with an unavoidable dilemma. Part of us is trying to get the attention of the other part. But they speak a different language. It’s been too long. They don’t know how to get through to each other. And there is a lot of pain and grief involved.

                It is possible to come through this frequency with a tremendous victory. This arises where we persevere mightily in our intention to bring a vibrant spirit to bear upon old traumas and wounds."

AND THE ECLIPSE:  Pisces 25:  People and animals frightened during an eclipse.


 "Listening for signs, for portents, for indications of what is in the wind, in the waters, moving through the soul. Attending to the subtle cues. Knowing when customary signs say “Go slow”. Sensing the time to act, to move forward, to bring something further.

                Tuned in to the layer which traditionally has been sensed as superstitious, as uncanny, as dangerous. Very much at home in the unofficial, unrecognized places. Sensing all that needs to be known through the subtle inward feelers. Staying tuned to that wavelength throughout.

                Susceptible to many waves, myriad layers coming into momentary prominence. Yet needing to take up the experience of what it feels like to be under potent forces and to work with these and find the path they invoke.

                Very powerfully inwardly led to track with the collective, with humanity karma. Sensing pervasively where we all are coming from, traversing through, moving toward. Alert to danger signs that we are far off course. Seeking the corrective at inner levels.

                Absolutely remembering the most ancient and timeless and forgotten senses, faculties, ways of perceiving and being. The great goddess force. Not willing to deny the surging meaning and vitality of how the Divine Feminine plays through every ounce of earth existence. Transported to that awareness which cuts right through the times.

                Pulled to the ultimate point of reckoning with every hidden depth realm and giving it back it’s full due. Perhaps coming to the remarkable attunement to whatever is commonly currently suppressed, scapegoated, assumed to be better left alone.

                The radical spirit discovering once again what has been felt forever, what seemed so far away, yet is closest at hand once you grasp the meaning of earth existence."

"All is well. You did not come here to fix a broken world. The world is not broken. You came here to live a wonderful life. And if you can learn to relax a little and let it all in, you will begin to see the universe present you with all that you have asked for."

- Esther Hicks

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