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 As we make our way out of this very intense eclipse passage, the planets gather in Libra this week, and the consciousness shifts pretty radically to the bridge between the Realized Self and the Awakened Consciousness. These are two different things. The Realized Self is the highest perspective on the Self that we can have: that the individual Self is not separate in any way from anyone or anything else in the world. This is the road to unity consciousness and the Awakened One is centered in the heart and faithfully trusting that all in the world is as it should be. Perfect Divine order is all there truly is.



There is so much activity in the Libra portion of our consciousness right now that there is no way to ignore it or avoid it. Jupiter begins a new cycle (conjunction) with MakeMake today, and this is the main reason why we are so totally able to recognize the Divine Order in things. MakeMake speaks to the laws that existed before we got here and that will exist long after we're gone. The laws of nature, of the cosmic cycles, and of the Prime directives for each and every dimension of consciousness.

We move into the 5th dimension now, and that the dimension where LOVE is the LAW and unity is everything. All people, places and things are recognizable as energy, and the consciousness of this dimension is best accessed within.

It's not a coincidence that Venus and Mars are in a very resourceful relationship with each other today (sextile), because these are the corulers of the divine feminine, and the new consciousness can not be birthed without a fully vitalized feminine Self. Now that we have these archetypes right in our consciousness, it is SO much easier to find the male female balance that is essential to the ascension process.

And in Libra balance is the name of the game. Think breath. We inhale and we exhale and this is the main contributor to our physical life. The breath is the connection between the spiritual and the physical. And in the center of each breath is the still point, the alpha and omega, the place where true balance and the void (SOURCE) exists.

The week ahead contains the Mercury station, the Fall Equinox, and two Mercury Pluto manifestations, not to mention an out of bounds Mars that comes together for a new cycle with Quaoar ( the capacity to create new belief) and the Galactic Center (SOURCE itself). This week, in the midst of an amazing Libra stellium, the new physicality finds its balance with the spirit.

The unfolding continues. Stay tuned to you.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale's meditation for the Jupiter MakeMake new cycle that begins today. It is reprinted with the author's permission from his book Star Sparks:

  Libra 3:  An inaccurate, imaginative map of the world.

"Being shown what others cannot see in order to catch a glimpse of something unknown and exotic and out-of-reach, yet relevant, essential, and perhaps pivotal in the greater picture. Given clues, mysterious and fascinating indications of that which has eluded us for so long and now calls us toward a different future if we can tune into that frequency, the one furthest removed from mainstream consciousness.

                Especially powerfully gifted with a distinctive mode of perception which subtly shifts all factors to a different key. Asked to stay with and pursue the traces of this way of being which someday will be ordinary. Yet it tends to seem way out there, unlikely in the far extreme, fantasized or perhaps just silly.

                So this may keep to itself for quite some time and secretly pursue what is officially denied just about everywhere. What is being glimpsed on that far horizon is a unitive awareness lodged at the center of a whole earth that is at one with a bright cosmos. This is idealistic visionary, not something we tend to believe is really there. In this frequency, we discover that the furthest periphery is right here at the center, that what is least comprehensible by old paradigms is right down the middle of where we are going and what we are about. 

                A timeless reverie engaged in with both dispassion and fervent enthusiasm. The dispassion arises because this is so impersonal, so beyond any version linked with history or individual factors. It is just this. The fervent catharsis come because one feels so close at hand something so much more harmonious and satisfying than what is collectively apparent. The edge between great dispassion and utter involvement generates a way of seeing and feeling and knowing which is out of this world. And it can come into this world in it’s destiny timing, which is either way down the road or this living moment."


 "Peace of mind is clearly an internal matter. It must begin with your own thoughts, and then extend outward. It is from your peace of mind that a peaceful perception of the world arises."

A Course in Miracles,  Lesson 34


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