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Thank you all for the incredible outpouring of Love you graced me with yesterday. There’s nothing like that kind of immeasurable Light support to shift things around. I am feeling so much more back to my Self, and I pray that those of you who also went through a difficult passage will feel the relief begin to take hold today… Big Love to each and every one of you….

As we leave the Mercury retrograde journey behind and prepare to retrace the steps we’ve taken over the past three weeks, it’s important to get centered and make contact with the still point within, for the realignment odyssey that is in our immediate future. As it turns out, this entire process has been about the Virgo Libra connection, which in cosmic consciousness represents the portal of Truth that connects the emotional body with the physical. The emotional and the physical are the two components of the divine feminine within, and this is the moment (between today and October 6th) when the ultimate, full blown activation of the True Divine Feminine takes place.



 In Cosmic Consciousness, the portals of Truth correspond to the World Axis. There is no such thing as a cusp in this 5D system, because there is no such thing as a line that can separate anything from anything else. A portal is a passageway that connects two sectors, and the successful navigation of any portal involves a conscious journey.

You may recall that Mercury went retrograde at 29 Virgo on September 1. 29 Virgo is a part of the portal of Truth that connects the emotional body with the physical. Interestingly, the Sun moves over that same degree of 29 Virgo today, as the symbol of our conscious awareness move through the portal into Libra and the physical body. This connection, which exists in each and every one of our energy fields, is being consciousness awakened and awakened again as the planets move through this portal.

Jupiter has just moved through this portal and today comes together for a new cycle with MakeMake, who has spent the last two years inside this passageway, preparing us to step up into the new cosmic laws of physicality. Venus was here a week and a half ago. The heart led the way. The Sun lights up Mercury’s retrograde station today and informs us even more fully of what we began to get glimmers of about a week ago when the Sun and Mercury came together for a 5 day long super inferior conjunction.

To make a very long story shorter, this retrograde cycle (which took place inside a Virgo wormhole (eclipse passage)), has been designed by the collective higher Self to show us the way to the Divine Mother, whose one purpose it is to birth the Christed Self.

The Equinox occurs today. It is one of the two balancing points of the soular cycle. This is the feminine balancing point. It will take Mercury until October 6 to make it back to 29 Virgo, and he will journey through the portal to emerge in Libra on October 7th. What that means is that for the next few weeks we will be learning to establish our consciousness in the still point that is the divine feminine within.

And all this will deliver us to the next half a year that will culminate on March 21 at the portal of Truth that balances the divine masculine. It makes a lot of interesting sense out of the upcoming election, which occurs pretty much in the middle of this Fall season. Please tune in to my 2016 Fall equinox webinar tonight (register above) for an in depth discussion about all this, as it relates to the evolution of our planet at this moment in time. 

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Mercury station, reprinted with his permission from his book Star Sparks:

Virgo 15:   A man inherits a vast fortune.

Being granted timing grace. Everything comes in its season. Each destiny challenge is given its own distinctive timing to unfold within and be played out through. The subtle blessing of a rhythmic approach to destiny.

                Little things add up. Minor matters count. When timing is on, to do this or do that is a crucial matter. For we are synchronized with the vaster system and what we come into means a lot for the whole.

                Being placed within fortunate circumstances, in order to complete one pattern and begin another. Spiritual forces respecting and honoring the interior dimension of one’s own need to take it slow and take it carefully, and to finish one thing before beginning another. The exquisite situation of context matching essence.

                However, mind does not see it this way. Mind sees the difficulties, the discrepancies. No matter how fine tuned destiny gets, mind still focuses upon what is not happening. For mind is severely perfectionistic and notices that all these great things are more like a blueprint that hasn’t been tested by time.

                So mind directs the soul to check it all out, to drop beneath pomp and pretense and get to work. Mind insists that there is so much to do and so little time.

                Mind is compulsive and distorted and the path becomes to disprove mind by tapping over and again the rules which mind denies. And if most of these rules are inward and contemplative, so much the better. For this situation is keyed to remaining in steady allegiance to origin, to the true one. And their voice says: seek and ye shall find.”

See you there, and stay focused on you.

“Grandfather, I ask for death, for the parts of me, that will not hear or speak the truth, which are too blind to see.
Grandmother, give me birth again, with love as my guide, truth and beauty as my path, with nothing left to hide.”

Shaman’s Death Prayer (Thank you Padma Wine!)

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