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 This is the week when it all turns around. That probably sounds fantastic, and of course it is, in the bigger scheme of things. But if you’ve been uncomfortable through this wormhole, there’s probably more where that came from. Whatever you’re going through is the reflection of your own consciousness, and it remains what it is until you change your mind. The changing of the mind is what it’s all about right now, and there’s nothing else to it. There’s no other way. If you don’t like what you’re perceiving in your world, only you can turn it into something else. 



Now turning your world into something else is no longer a matter of manipulating it or making it happen. That, as we have learned over and over again, gets you nowhere. It’s about going IN, into your heart center, where your deepest, Truest desires reside, and allowing your Self to come into full alignment with it, so that the universe can begin to resonate with your dreams.

It is about changing your Mind, but the Mind is no longer a solo agent. It is meant to function as one with your heart. The Truth of all that is exists in the heart, and once that is accessed, the Mind is free to communicate that Truth to you and to all around you. The past few days have shown each of us that the Mind manifests its thoughts and beliefs instantaneously now. This is going to be so from here on in. It’s important, then, to keep our thoughts positive, kind and loving, especially toward our Selves.

Today the Sun comes together with Jupiter to create a new cycle. Both the Sun AND Jupiter have just met up with MakeMake, the new 5D archetype that presides over the Higher Laws of the Universe. Divine Law, the laws of Nature, these are the laws we live by here in the new world. As the Sun and Jupiter come together today, those higher rules will become evident everywhere. And this is just the beginning. The Moon will be here by Friday, and Mercury will arrive in October. It’s all about the Law Of ONE. That we are never separate from anything we perceive in our world. It is all the reflection of the ONE consciousness.,.. yours.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Sun Jupiter new cycle, reprinted with the author’s permission, from his book Star Sparks: 

Libra 4:   A woman bites into a lemon and makes a face.

 “She feels something the others don’t feel. That is the story of her life. She just cannot escape the perpetual way that she is sensitized to the shadow and she cannot just live inside sweetness and light.

                Her sensibility is warped. She gathers evidence for all the most discouraging and painful conclusions and realizations. For she is in the inside of the struggle and the heartache which fascinates her, plagues her, calls her name, has something in store for her.

                If she really goes into it, she comes out with a fine balance of her own between a fundamentally dark vision and a profound hope for something to lead beyond that land of shared reality to a better world. And she can indwell the combination of always feeling and knowing the harshest realities, with being entirely mobilized toward doing everything she can to restore inward qualities which can make each and all entirely different from what they seem fated to play out otherwise.

                Because she learns how hard it is for each one to move through the worst, she learns compassion. This is a hard won state for her. Initially, she expects and assumes that everybody here can and will keep up their part, just as a matter of course. To penetrate to the layer of true empathy, free of judgment, is perhaps her greatest hope of all.

                She needs to be that way, because she radiates an influence that is very strong. Her struggle with the common situations, her reactions against the way we all live are dissonant factors which do not go unheeded. What kind of influence can she be if she really gets it that the collective shadow we face has broken each of us down, and we will not get out of this until we are embraced just as we already are. Direct experience of this truth is hard-earned here.”

Today is also the day Pluto turns around and goes direct. Pluto is manifesting perfectly with Mercury, who has ALSO just turned around and began his direct journey. Mercury is still in a storm period, and we can expect big results when we think destructive or fear based thoughts so freely that they manifest instantly in our lives. This is a learning station. Pay attention to how directly your thoughts are manifesting and adjust accordingly!

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Pluto station, from the same book:

Capricorn 15:   A woman wearing a necklace of skulls.

At the center of the maze, in the heart of the darkness, we stumble upon the power that is given us, the power we cannot deny. We go anywhere and everywhere in our search to become other. Then we return to the place we started from and the magic is right there, stronger then ever, refusing to be held within the structures and the forms we try to put on it.

                She knows something which mind refuses and common sense despises. She is in touch with that goddess power, that ultimate place. Will she become a shadow figure? Can she emerge in her own right?

                Her story is one which stretches way back there. The death she has gotten through would grow anybody up to be uncanny and shamanically gifted. The lives she has burned through accompany her closely now.

                She is meant to wield power, to activate the ancient forces. Yet this is such a dangerous journey, and it is for keeps. If she looses her balance, she falls into a pit. If she waits too long, she has lost her chance.

                Everything rides upon timing, willingness, discernment. She will need a mountain of discernment. In order to be and become this woman of power, she must pass through the initiation and grow wise once again.

                Her inner plane companions are right there with her. Her deep back-up is unquestionable. Yet still to make the leap into active mobilization of powers is across an abyss that forbids such moves.

                We are afraid of her. For centuries we have wanted nothing to do with her. Now she returns into our midst. She is substantively weighted down by a special knowledge. She is saturated with hidden forces. Her one key move is to claim what is truly hers without shame.”

There is SO much food for thought here. Make those thoughts positive and uplifting! And don’t take your eyes off you.


“To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it.” 

– Charlie Chaplin

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