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Mercury continues to dominate the cosmos as he (finally) completes his retrograde journey today, recovering his shadow and crossing the Divine Feminine portal of Truth World Axis at 29 Virgo. For one thing, this means the final piece of the lower four body experience gets integrated into the transmutation process we've undergone this year. For another, Mercury begins a whole new chapter of communication and connection, this time from the world axis point of PHYSICAL POWER (0 Libra). Since Libra is the part of our energy field where SO MUCH empowerment is taking place at this time, the presence of Mercury is bound to be felt strongly and in so many ways.


The power of physicality is the key perspective for best case experience. When you bring the realization of the higher Mind into alignment with what it means to be an aspect of the ONE in physical form, multidimensional awareness becomes possible. That is, so much of what is actually available to an incarnated Soul on the Earth at this time now becomes crystal clear and completely accessible.

There is nothing separate from you. Your consciousness is the Creator of your world. That means that every player, every scene, everything that ever shows up in your world is a projection of your own consciousness. The same is true for each soul here. We are all connected, and we are drawn to the energies that each of us emanates.

It's all about the frequency. Everything has a frequency. There is no way that your frequency could wind up anywhere near a completely different frequency than yours. Like frequencies clump together and share their vibration. There is no other reality.

That means if you are with a partner who doesn't seem to be on the same wavelength as you, either one of you is shifting your frequency, or there is something about your Self you have not yet accepted. When two souls of the same frequency appear to each other to be separate and apart from one another, they must homogenize or come apart.

Take a look around your life right now and determine what if anything appears to be functioning in a different frequency from your own. Ask your Self if you can embrace that difference. If you can't, are you willing to let it go? This may seem like a complicated process to have to go through, but it is the way it is in the new world.

Of course, it's SO much easier to just stay tuned to your own heart and come to realize all the Truth you contain from moment to moment. But there are those moments when life seems to be distracting you, or bombarding you with issues or information you'd do well to pay attention to.

Do you know your own frequency? The more you do, the less you'll ever have to question anything or anyone else. Mercury's journey through Libra offers each of us a new Self-realization process. He moves in tomorrow and then his first connection (Saturday) is with MakeMake, who is showing us the parameters of the new world.

The new world IS the new consciousness. There is no difference, any more than there is a difference between you and any person in your life. STAY TUNED TO YOU and it will all make sense.

"Don’t be afraid to go where you’ve never gone and do what you’ve never done, because both are necessary to have what you’ve never had and be who you’ve  never been."

The Universe. (Mike Dooley)