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 Mercury continues to make important connections to just about very planet in our soular system this week... In effect, the higher Mind is being rewired, so that a whole new level of realization can be accessed. Today Mercury forms a very important stepping stone (square) with Mars, marking the ultimate completion of the passing of the baton between these two rulers of the lower body system. Mercury, ruling the mind, is the new divine masculine archteype while Mars, ruling the earthy physical body has morphed into the co-ruler of the divine feminine. Both planets are in major mid transmutation, which is why everything is so muddled and hard to make sense out of right now. But this will change shortly.


Mercury began a whole new chapter last week when he passed the world axis and his retrograde station at 20 Virgo and entered Libra. It's almost always recognizable when Mercury begins a new chapter of communication and connection, but THIS ending and beginning has been off the hook, because we crossed a major portal of truth (a passage between two signs,formerly known as a cusp, in this case between the emotional body at the end of Virgo and the physical body at the start of Libra. This is the divine feminine portal of truth, because it sits at the center of the watery (emotional) and earthy (physical) Self.

Mars has taken the entire year to move from the beginning of Scorpio to where he is now, at around 13 Capricorn. He is out of bounds right now, (traveling through uncharted territory) and has been for months. He is the dispositor of the Full Moon in Aries AND the ongoing Uranus Eris conjunction, and his upcoming new cycle (conjunction) with Pluto marks the point where physical transmutation is complete. (That means different things to different people, but it is the end of a physical era.

Mercury and  Mars have to completely swap identities if we are going to get this right. Violence, war and aggression must become heart centered non violent action, and thought and analysis must be so infused with Love and devoid of judgment that our thoughts manifest the world in all new ways. Mars is the only lower body ruler that did not cross the divine feminine portal of truth in the past few weeks. For once the ruler of the physical body is first instead of last.

Mars crossed the portal of Truth from 29 Virgo to 0 Libra in November 12, 2015 in and exact conjunction (new cycle) with the Moon's north node, the Souls Star Chakra. This coming November 12 marks the Neptune Earth Star conjunction in Pisces. Even time is taking on new dimensionality. The next few weeks are going to change everything. They are life altering. What happens in the next few months might have taken 5000 years back in the day. Time is being experienced at warp speed right now.

When Mercury comes to a new cycle with Mars next June, it will occur conjunct SIRIUS, ( not making this up), and so will be disposed by the Moon which will be in Virgo exactly conjunct Orcus, and Chiron, disposing this new cycle will be in the Divine Masculine portal of truth at 29 Pisces. The world axis is shifting, and there's no denying it any more.

One word about the fact that scientists announced another new dwarf planet this past week. It has no name yet, but it has an 1100 year orbit, twice that of Eris, and though it isn't fully materialized in our consciousness yet (it will be when it's named), it is clearly the newest archetype to reflect what we are currently experiencing.

More about all of this in the days to come. Don't take your eyes off you.

“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.”  

- Henry David Thoreau