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Mars, ruler of the physical body and all the energy we are comprised of, is headed for a major stepping stone with Uranus and Eris in a couple of days, followed almost immediately by another stepping stone to Haumea, archetype of unity and wholeness. You don't have to be fluent in the language of Cosmic Consciousness to FEEL the transmutational shift that this POWER INTERSECTION (formerly Cardinal T-Square) reflects. You may notice that I use the word reflect wherever I can to emphasize the point that the planets do not influence us, they reflect the higher Self. This shift has been a very long time coming, and it occurs just as Mars returns to the ecliptic after nearly three months of out of bounds travel. That makes me think of the crash landing of the Schiaparelli spacecraft this past week. It isn't easy to touch the ground on a planet that is notoriously difficult to land on anyway. But the planet is completely transformed, courtesy of our consciousness. Still, whether the spacecraft was destroyed or not, it is sure to teach us something very valuable about our new physicality in the days and months to come.


And despite this huge intersection we are coming to, it is still very important to focus on Venus yet again today, as she has just connected with Antares, and today forms a resource (sextile) with Jupiter, just on the eve of her own journey into out of bounds territory (tomorrow) and her very important meeting with Saturn in a couple of days. Venus' combination of aspects with Jupiter and Saturn implies that the heart is ready for new consciousness at the social level. That Antares is involved reminds us once again of all the shadows we have faced recently.

Fortunately the heart, when trusted to guide us, is not easily deterred by shadow stuff. We recognize it's presence and its proximity, but it does not produce the same kind of fear that we've been inclined to move into prior to now. Fear simply doesn't hold the same gravity it once did. That is the same as saying that much of our karmic density is cleared.

We all know that this is so. We have all just been through a very profound scraping of the bottom of the fear based barrel in the  past couple of months, and we can actually FEEL our Selves cleared out and ready to receive brand new consciousness. It wasn't easy. In fact it may have been the most difficult passage we've been through to date.

Oh, we've all been to hell and back, a few times in many cases, but landing in hell, difficult as it has been, is not at all the same thing as being transmuted and alchemized from one form into another..... It was excruciating at certain moments, and I don't think any one of us escaped that.

Today's Venus Jupiter resource promises to be a welcome relief. It reflects the expanding heart and a growing capacity to Love. Today is Hillary Clinton's birthday too. Hmmmm... That bodes well for a very expansive year for her...

Enough about her. Stay tuned to you!

"Your guidance now is to follow the flow of what is happening in and around you. Do not go to battle with what might seem unfamiliar or risky, rather go with it and have no fear. This time is vital to your recognizing who you have become, the one who you truly are. Stay out of judgment. The danger of Judgment is that you would be moved from your righteous path of reckoning with the divine. Work now to have confidence in your truth so you may trust that spirits call is real and that you will be safe on this road less traveled. This time is not an unearned gift. You have asked for it and worked for it consciously and in the silent knowing you touch in the depth of consciousness on your soul’s journey to the divine."

Bobby Klein