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 I know, I know. The severe and prolonged stretching associated with the physical transmutation experience is getting very tiresome at this point. But there’s good news. Mars is returning to the ecliptic as we speak, after three months traveling through the uncharted territory that has made this major overhaul possible. Mars officially comes back into the realm of our conscious awareness (expanded though it may be) on Sunday, just in time for the New Moon in Scorpio. But Mars has another trick or two up his sleeve before he returns home, and there will be much more about that tomorrow. There’s more good news today though.



Mars forms a resource (formerly sextile) with Chiron today, and so the putting back together of all the stretched out fabric of our physicality begins. Also today, Venus slips out of bounds for her own very special journey into uncharted territory. While it’s true that the heart (and our emotional bodies) will undergo a major expansive stretching now, I think we can all agree that a prolonged physical discomfort is far more disconcerting than an emotional expansion.

I don’t mean to diminish the less comfortable qualities of an emotional realignment. Yes, that’s what I said… this isn’t going to be pretty either. Did you know there is a new medical diagnosis that is reserved for the incredible anxiety so many are experiencing over this election? For these next three days, while both Mars and Venus are out of bounds, and until the Scorpio New Moon gets some new energies going, we may feel a bit untethered and find it hard to tell which way is up.

You may say you feel that way already. This is an amplified version of that. But in a very important way, all this ungroundedness is good, because it’s time we realized that there is no such thing as up, OR down, any more than there is any such thing as good, or bad. It all just IS, and the sooner we wrap our minds and hearts around that Truth, the sooner we will know peace.

Tomorrow is a big Mars day, so expect the unexpected in big BIG ways. But more tomorrow.

There’s yet another huge connection today, a Mercury Sun new cycle, a superior conjunction that Lights up the higher Mind with new realization. This connection occurs in Scorpio, and is technically a precursor, or a set up for the New Moon on the 30th. Scorpio is the place where we manifest our world according to the way we focus our vision. It’s an alchemical consciousness, and one that always delivers us to transformation, renewal and resurrection.

Stay open to all forms of messages and communications today, not the least of which will be the extrasensory kind. Scorpio is a water sign, deeply attuned to the most sensitive emotional and intuitive energies we have available. Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Sun Mercury conjunction/New Cycle, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

  Scorpio 5:  An Egyptian queen with a braided beard.

Going under and staying under. Delegated to the deep, and able to stick with those layers of reality timelessly, steadily, and highly effectively.  Extraordinarily gifted with the lost arts of deep water subtle navigation. But not able to surface with virtually any of this attainment intact.

                Compelled to hold a form deep within and to sense the outward personal existence as both ephemeral and insubstantial. Driven to go further and further with this until either something snaps or there is real breakthrough.

                The breakthrough would involve becoming awake in the hidden roots and being shown how to transform self and world by holding steady within dense and demanding situations. And refusing to get caught up in these outward dramatizations and manipulations. This particular breakthrough is vital for us all, but exceedingly difficult to master at the level it demands. Almost always, we first have to find it and lose it, over and again, before we take fully the guiding demand that we stay with this all the way through.

                The snapping would be losing the link between surface and depth and getting swamped by a rudderless existence. This happens when shadows multiply and we pay them no heed. Soon we are enveloped in a Sargasso sea of [insidious, relentless]  stuff, which takes us over.

                Whether one extreme or the other or somewhere between, a total intensity of inward striving pulls us through. We are resuming an old task. It is one of the least rewarded places you can ever wander through. For it takes so long to have anything to show for this and even then, it has to be an [undisputed. total victory] to be sustainable.

                Yet balancing that austere feeling tone is a rich interior territory of being so close to the soul of the earth and to the secret roots of all things that we feel privileged and grateful. It’s all a matter of perspective-the pits or sourcepoint [of the Oneness-]  unlimited.”


You are being led, by events, into your deepest and darkest reservoirs. It is in these reservoirs lie the ability to let go of the self that you had perceived, to the you that will, with discipline, emerge clean, calm, confident, loving, passionate and on center.  Have the confidence that you are ready.

Bobby Klein (From his interpretation of this week’s I CHING)   ADAPTING


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