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 Lauri commented yesterday that she doesn't see the emotional transmutation process as possibly being easier than the physical. I can get with that. Many of us have a hard time with the emotional experience of things and as Lauri says, find it much easier to process physical discomfort. But that is not exactly what I mean... We are about to undergo a recalibration of the heart... one that will make our emotional experience much more gentle and peaceful. All we have to do to achieve this new state of being is to allow it to emerge. The physical Self is generally far more complex than that, because of the densities associated with it. As I mentioned yesterday, I don't mean to diminish the emotional experience, whatever it is, for anyone.. I'm just saying it looks to be a much easier path ahead. 

Also Lauri asked a question, which I promised to answer today:

"When you refer to "physical" expansion, are you speaking only about the body or about all things material?  The reason I ask is that while I am experiencing some physical "ascension" related symptoms (exhaustion in particular), I am also seeing interesting things around the near cessation of.  A couple weeks ago I had a glimpse into 5D manifestation and this week it (almost) totally ceased.  This dance with money has been my primary experience of the physical journey of ascension and I'm just wondering if you categorize this as "physical."   

Please read on for my response:


Money, and our experience of it is most definitely "physical". But like everything else that exists on ANY level, it is energy too. When I refer to the physical, I refer to the body, the home, the earth itself, and anything and everything that exists here on the planet. While the physical transmutes, we experience that shift very tangibly in any of those things. But it is SO important to realize that it's all energy, and that the way we focus our vision... that is the perspective from which we view the physical component of our lives, is the key to the reality we are creating.

In other words, if you can perceive the level of your abundance not as a tangible physical goal but as an energy flow that results from the way you FEEL about your Self, you will begin to understand why sometimes it flows and other times it does not. The Truth is, everything physical is the RESULT of the mind/heart/spirit alignment with it, and nothing, NOTHING in this world exists without that unified presence.

If you love your Self, and REALIZE you are worthy of all you dream of, abundance flows. If you doubt your Self, or decide that what you are seeing in your world is your Truth, if you focus on what is NOT there, you create that lack of abundance. The 'physical world' we live in is on a loop with the mind/heart/spirit reality of the moment. If in this moment you feel you're worthless, your abundance will dry up in an instant. Like turning off a faucet. If in that moment of lack you focus on your gifts and your worthiness, the faucet turns back on.

You don't have to know how to turn it back on, it just does, because you have turned back on. It's all connected, there is no way it's not. Your dance with money, Lauri, like so many others, is your dance with your own level of Self-worth. And for now, as we move more and more fully from the 3D world that focuses on separation and lack into the 5D world of unity and Love, we are experiencing our abundance, our dreams, our goals, moving in and out of manifestation.

Until we realize...wake up and realize.. that the experience we have of our world is the reflection .... the instantaneous reflection of the experience we are choosing to have of our Selves, we can not stabilize the 'physical world' into one we are comfortable living in. I believe that comfort is a by product of Self-worthiness and one's capacity to Love one's Self without condition.

The great news is, we are all in this together, and when we come from Love, from the heart, we can always, without exception, help each other through.


"The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it."
-- Marcus Aurelius Antoninus