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 I heard from Jan Jones yesterday, who sent this comment:

"I was wondering what the BIG unexpected Mars news was for today?  It was mentioned twice yesterday with more details to be shared today. I do appreciate the discussion on the questions that were asked, but would like to have the info for today. Thanks!"

This is a really important question... TODAY is the day that Mars makes his aspects to Uranus and Eris, and it is also the last day of Mars' extremely long out of bounds journey. That makes this a 'big bang' day. We have been physically transmuting for months, courtesy of Mars' retrograde earlier this year followed by his trek through uncharted territory these past two and a half months that ends tomorrow. We re also 2/3 of the way through a triple Uranus Eris conjunction that will eventually manifest as the global awakening we all know is taking place. It  hasn't been easy or comfortable, but we can all feel the all-encompassing change happening. Today Mars forms stepping stones to the two Great Awakeners, and whatever comes up today that is unexpectedly powerful and might have produced a major problem if it had taken place in earlier times, today produces the opportunity to rise up and perceive the Truth from a much more conscious perspective.



The Mars Uranus stepping stone occurs today, bringing the unexpected, and the Mars Eris stepping stone occurs tomorrow, bringing some kind of ultimately meaningful disruption. When these upheavals, or major changes in direction, show up, do your best to remain calm and centered, remembering that the unexpected yields the greatest growth.

This moment has been building all year. We knew it was coming, but we could not tell what it was. If it looks like it changes everything, trust it. It's all for the awakening factor. What happens today may be apparent but not impactful right away. he disruption factor runs deep. If we have done our homework this year, the inner transmutation will be completed now, inside the two week period that is the Scorpio New Moon passage.

It doesn't have to be difficult, though it will be for some. I would say that in its highest Truth, this is the overtaking of Saturn, guardian of all the worldly laws we live by by MakeMake, archteype of cosmic, divine law. The more corrupted the Saturnian laws are revealed to be (and revealed they will be), the more fully the higher Laws will be called forth to replace them.

Make no mistake this is what is happening. It is no coincidence that Venus, ruler of the heart, comes together with Saturn today. Whatever goes down on the planet now, the heart can receive it and allow the transfer of authority to take place. Venus and Saturn come together today on the degree of the Great Attractor, which is the Source of our Source of our Source. That is, the Milky Way has a black hole source at its center known as the Galactic Center, and our Milky way is a part of our home cluster, Laniakea, which has its own central black hole/Source called the Super Galactic Center. Our home supercluster is part of an even larger cluster of FOUR superclusters which has  its own black hole/Source, called the Great Attractor.

Whatever falls on the Great Attractor degree, by transit or by birth, is drawn inexorably toward some of the highest consciousness possible for us to achieve. No matter what goes down today, the heart knows, and furthermore, it understands what the Truth of it all is. Our job is to hold that space of Love and Light and allow the major energetic shift that gets created here to unfold.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale's meditation for today's Venus Saturn conjunction, reprinted with his permission from his book Star Sparks... (You can't make this stuff up):

Sagittarius 15:   A tidal wave approaching.

 "Being in on the news. This news is so bad and so good. The bad news is that everything we know as familiar, as dependable, as structurally sound is being wiped away by a collective mountain that is inexorable. The good news is that we can take it and that when we do, this makes way for a return to primal realities long lost and forgotten.

                Our part in all this is to carry it, to bear it. We must spread the word wherever we go that you can’t hang on to anything any longer of an outward kind and that you can find your way to a deeper center of renewal as soon as you let go of the rope of false hope that we can be backed up by cleverness and ingenuity.

                However, we probably will not be convinced that it has come to this yet until we have personally exhausted our own attempts to fill in the blank, to escape, to get off the hook. These feverish last moment efforts to plug in something smooth and easy and familiar are doomed, but still we’ve gotta try them on for size.

                You can’t skip any step. You can’t jump ahead and know the outcome. You have to show up for the rough process of working it all out. Anything you can fall for, any place to hide will find you there until you get it.

                When we are clear in this frequency, we convey to those around us that every part of the process is vital and ordinary life cannot be violated by apocalyptic concerns. In effect, no matter how urgent and central the hour, the earth schooling requires that we move with every part of the human drama, including our mental attempts to push it all away and try to return to normal.

                However, in the ultimate reckoning, when we do mobilize to meet what is here on that great collective wave, we will find that we know just what to do and we were always waiting for this moment to push us over that edge."


"Believe with all of your heart that you will do what you were made to do. 

- Orison Swett Marden 


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