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 From Los Angeles:

 Although I am writing this blog before attending the workshop with my Teacher this afternoon, my being is already infused with the energies that I know are going to provide so much conscious awareness around all that is happening, and healing will ensue. I am so grateful to be able to pass that on to you!

Today marks the Taurus Full Moon, which promises to deliver us to new ground. The Moon is conjunct Sedna, the Record Keeper and carrier of Divine Feminine Wisdom in its most pristine state, and Taurus is, of course, disposed by Venus, turning this ground into the new location of the I AM.



This is important. In order to birth our Selves, or begin to sprout and grow successfully in the Divine Feminine earth, we must identify fully with the I AM. Simply I AM. That is the essence of the Divine Feminine Self.

We have learned to recognize it, to access it, and to expand into it, and now it is time to make it our home. And once we surrender to that new state of Being, we will realize that we have always been here, and we never left, not even for a moment. We only THOUGHT we did.

The Sun and Eris are still in Great Eliminator mode, continuing yesterday’s awakening vibrations. Be prepared for more disruption, but don’t imagine that you know what it is or you see it coming. To be prepared for disruption makes disruption impossible. And without disruption, there can be no awakening.

At any other moment in time it would be all right to just comprehend that fact, but at THIS moment it is imperative to walk the talk. The events of this week are completely once in a lifetime, and according to the prime directive of cosmic consciousness, what happens here is just exactly the same as what is happening in the heavens.

Once in a lifetime time transits reflect once in a lifetime events, and this is no time to let them go by, telling your Self you’re not quite ready. You’ve never been more ready… ever.. in any lifetime. The rest is ego, playing its tricks on you.

Today’s full Moon opens the Taurus Scorpio bridge… the bridge that connects the physical with the metaphysical.. practicality with alchemy. They are two sides of the same coin, and they can no longer be separated out.

Sedna’s presence offers all the wisdom of the cosmos, fully at your disposal, IF you can place your focus squarely on the higher realm  of your Self. What a way to be able to plant our Selves in new, superconscious ground.

Later this week the veils will lift, the invisible realm will become visible, the nodes will produce a vortex that allows us to be at all points on the bridge simultaneously. Mercury will take up the balance point on this bridge delivering new information, and he will leave the ecliptic for a quick out of bounds journey.

In short, we are headed for much more transformation than we could have imagined after what we’ve just been through. It seems this has only just begun.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s full Moon event, reprinted with his permission from his book Star Sparks:

Taurus 23:  A salamander glowing red-orange.

The fire in the belly of the earth. The kundalini flames. Sparking that which will never go out once it is truly and firmly lit.

                An overwhelming sensation coming out through every pore that the creative fires are stoked, the situation is crucial, everything is gathering toward the need to embody what lives within in everything we say and do. A destiny imperative to acknowledge and honor and sustain the inner flames in outward life, whatever this takes, even if we have to make up for lost time and do it all now.

                A dominating force. Taking through us the earth’s call to awaken to ourselves as her most active and forthcoming power of evolving beyond previous limitations. Yet prone to excess, susceptible to ego aggrandizement, tempted by every variant on the theme of becoming self-important and buying into the sheer dynamism of earth existence, without rightful discernment and tapping the well-springs of deeper wisdom.

                The inflation of the archetype. The dazzling opportunity to bring into ourselves and through ourselves the will of the whole. How we deal with this kind of power is so very decisive for the future.

                It is crucial for us to learn the lesson that the spirit flame is itself a threshold presence, a force from beyond, which we must express through us without getting stuck on our vision of our own special magnitude. Sometimes it is very subtle, the distinction between this self and all that we carry into the whole. And we are often here absorbed in grosser, more dramatic factors.

                The juggernaut of collective cycles and personal cycles converging and gathering momentum toward breakthroughs, breakdowns, whatever needs to happen, so that the fire in earth’s belly comes alive.”


  The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.
― Marcel Proust

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