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 What part of you is ready to stand up for your Self and walk away from the place where you've felt stuck and unable to progress for so long? If there ever was a day to do this, today is that day. Venus comes together with Pluto while both are in a stepping stone (square) to Jupiter. If you believe in you, and trust in your greatest skills and talents, this is a get out of jail free card. 



It is vital to remember the essence of the 5D Stepping stone, particularly as it relates to the older 3D energetic of the square. The square always produced an inner crisis, or critical turning point that required an inner effort to come to terms with the two struggling energies that were present and relentlessly so.

I have said for many years that there's no such thing as a 'bad' Jupiter aspect, and all Venus Jupiter connections yield positive results, even in 3D. The problem with a 3D Jupiter square was always the danger of overindulgence. Venus Jupiter presented a tendency toward over romanticism, idealism, or maybe too much heart without a balanced mental component.

But in 5D, first and foremost, we KNOW there is no such thing as too much heart. Also, Jupiter is always filled with the kind of consciousness that keeps us remembering who we are. This is a moment to remember to shine your Light, and to stay focused on the fact that you may be the ONLY Light in a given scenario.

Venus Pluto is always about the heart that is captured. But when your own heart is captured by your own higher Purpose it produces a kind of empowerment that is rare in the world these days. Allow your heart to be captured by the highest vision you can achieve and stay riveted to it today. In this way, when the Stepping Stone appears there will be no conflict or crisis, just the opportunity to take a step up onto higher ground and perceive this wild and crazy movie we are living from there.

A stepping stone is the way to the Christed consciousness. Walk on the water of your emotional dramas, and remember that you are not your feelings today.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale's meditation for today's Venus Pluto new cycle, reprinted with the author's permission from his book Star Sparks:

Capricorn 16:   Dinosaur bones discovered while digging.

"An immense task. Far too much to do for one lifetime. Tracked with from previous lives and imbued with future lives. This life is just one episode in a long story.

                The need to know absolutely everything. A fabulous hunger for meaning, for getting down to it. An omnivorous appetite for clues and cues, for signs and portents, for openings and improbable avenues of inquiry. The mysteries taken up by one who is always in them.

                An astoundingly thematic and thick path to stick with. Nothing is irrelevant. All is synchronized and saturated with so much to deal with that the inner doubter must work overtime to keep all this within bounds. The skeptical outlook becomes the only defense against being taken over by too many directions with too much power in them for anybody to integrate.

                That distancing voice taken on as completely as possible. The dry observer, the impartial witness. This does serve to level an edge to the providings. The one who searches and finds, needing to prove to that detached witness that we are getting somewhere, it is worth it after all.

                Gifts of consciousness. Nothing else in here. No emotions, no true embodiment. But a startling mode of awareness. So lucid and probing, so skillful and able to pursue the cues from so many sides at once.

                Everything in life is sacrificial to the work, to the quest, to the interior dimensions. Starkly one-sided and perhaps intolerable in a certain way. The specialist who is still at it after so many lifetimes.

                Ultimately, a sacrifice unto purpose and broader results. Here to further the shared process of uncovering that which we need to see and come to terms with. Given over to such a design implicitly. Not very sympathetic to obstacles and to self. Just getting into it and knowing we can find the missing link."


"The truly awake know all things

Are nondual, beyond duality, all equal,

Inherently pure as space,

Not distinguishing self and nonself.”

The Buddha


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