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 Let's take a close look at today's Sun Saturn new cycle. It is a part of a much MUCH larger mechanism that is completely altering the social consciousness and fabric of our experience. Let's recall that Saturn stationed to go direct this past August at 9 Sagittarius, which is also where Mars stationed to go retrograde in April. The two FAMOUSLY came together for a new cycle of their own on August 28th along with ANTARES. That was the moment when the shadow was unleashed, and it has been growing in some very mysterious ways ever since. But this is just a tiny piece of the mechanism!



When Saturn stationed in August and then came together with Mars and Antares, the Inner Teacher officially became a part of the year long Wisdom crossroad (formerly mutable cross) that has dominated the year. The Eclipses that took place this past summer also contributed to this complex of newer more conscious roads that we are still navigating somewhat blindly.

Saturn was a part of the last new Moon event, and just yesterday Saturn and Jupiter formed an all important resource (sextile). It is important because Jupiter disposes Saturn at this time. Today the Sun Saturn new cycle infuses the year or so ahead with new definition and structure. We know it, but we are still hard pressed to describe it... and that is as it should be.

Tomorrow the Sun moves into an all important series of manifestations with the Great Awakeners and Ceres (expect more sudden rude awakening), and this is merely a prelude to the holiday week and the delivery to the New year, which finds Saturn activating these same manifestations with the Awakeners. There's a whole lot of manifesting (not to mention unveiling) just up ahead.

Today's Sun Saturn new cycle cannot be interpreted without the Sun Jupiter resource that occurred yesterday. When we move our consciousness just beyond time (and let's hope we're all doing that regularly these days), we can see that these three planets are all activated at the same moment. This is an energizing of the new consciousness that the Awakeners are just about to manifest within each and every one of us.

The whole week ahead is about this major awakening, and the FULL GEMINI SUPER MOON, the last super moon of the year. The Full Moon will powerfully aspecting the Sun Saturn manifestation with the Awakening forces. After the Full Moon on Tuesday evening (EST), there is almost NO planetary activity whatsoever for the rest of the week. We are headed into one of the most important Mercury retrograde cycles ever. More about that next week.

Stay here now, and tune into you...

Here is Ellias Lonsdale's meditation for today's Sun Saturn new cycle, reprinted with the author's permission from his book Star Sparks:


  Sagittarius 19:  A monstrous sea creature dead, washed up on the beach.


"In collective terms, those great beings who became most submerged in the depths of this world since ancient times have been haunting us, have been hounding us, have been accompanying humanity’s Earth journey with their unheard, yet deeply felt lamentations, cries, reminders, throwbacks, timeless calls. And their legacy lives on in forms that don’t seem connected to them overtly whatsoever.

                They are still here amongst us and they adaptively disguise themselves in every conceivable pattern on the outside. But their vibration [underneath it all] is immutable. They bear lost worlds, hidden meanings. And they are always in our midst dying, bleeding, suffering, at odds with the way we live our lives nowadays.

                Such beings cannot prevail. They will not change. So they are put through chaotic and turbulent cycles repeatedly. Yet something comes of all this. Death is just a point along the way.

                These ones are resilient. They are resourceful. They are fabulously gifted with abilities we have lost track of. They can navigate through the harshest passages by an inner deep instinct not for survival, but for putting them into new states, which are the same as before, only hardier, steadier, more on the beam.

                Something vital is being carried through this form. It has to do with remaining attuned to that which others pass over. It’s a repository of specialized spheres which need to be hidden yet staying with themselves in defiant disregard of fashion conveniences.

                This comes down to a root indomitable conviction that we must stay in touch with source origins through changing times and know the vast missing places intimately."


"The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem."

Theodore Rubin

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