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 We've spent the last week or so slowing down and very deliberately turning inward, digging deeply, hopefully accessing whatever we've been holding in our hearts that we haven't been able to allow to surface. This process of touching our own inner holdings has been a vital one, and hopefully we've gotten somewhere close, because today Mercury stations to go retrograde, and begins to journey away from Pluto, Gatekeeper to the new Consciousness, for a three week odyssey that will deliver each and every one of us back to the Galactic Center, aka Source.

It's interesting that Mars, ruler of the physical body and all things related to the way we spend our energies, enters Pisces today, shortly before the retrograde station occurs. Pisces is the limitless realm in Cosmic Consciousness...It is Neptune's domain, and Neptune is fresh off of his bridge with the Nodes and Orcus. We are undeniably in brand new territory, and the retrograde journey may give us some bearings in a world where the most significant experience we've had so far is the loss of anything that comes close to knowing where we are.

As Mercury turns around today, we begin to retrace our most recent steps. (Fascinating that the electoral college is voting again today: the outcome promises to be very revealing about the state of our collective consciousness so far). If nothing changes here, it will have to play out in time... like the next four years... It's clear that there are some very significant blind spots in the collective perspective. Whether or not we realize them and when is possibly the most relevant question to pose these days.

But we who are heart centered and secure in the knowing that all is perfect don't have any questions, do we? None that really matter, in the greater scheme of things. We know it is playing out according to plan. What plan? The one we are co-Creating as we go. Until we wake up and realize we are the CREATOR, it will have to play out in time instead of in the moment.

How to effect any change? BE in the moment your Self. Forget about what's happening in the world around you... that's just your reflection anyway. Stay tuned to your own heart. FEEL what you feel and respond according to you. One foot in front of the other, BE HERE NOW... Be as fully present as you can possible be in any given moment. BE THE CHANGE YOU'RE HOPING TO FIND in the world, as someone TRULY heart-centered once said.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale's meditation for today's Mercury station, reprinted with the author's permission from his book Star Sparks:

Capricorn 16:   Dinosaur bones discovered while digging.

"An immense task. Far too much to do for one lifetime. Tracked with from previous lives and imbued with future lives. This life is just one episode in a long story.

                The need to know absolutely everything. A fabulous hunger for meaning, for getting down to it. An omnivorous appetite for clues and cues, for signs and portents, for openings and improbable avenues of inquiry. The mysteries taken up by one who is always in them.

                An astoundingly thematic and thick path to stick with. Nothing is irrelevant. All is synchronized and saturated with so much to deal with that the inner doubter must work overtime to keep all this within bounds. The skeptical outlook becomes the only defense against being taken over by too many directions with too much power in them for anybody to integrate.

                That distancing voice taken on as completely as possible. The dry observer, the impartial witness. This does serve to level an edge to the providings. The one who searches and finds, needing to prove to that detached witness that we are getting somewhere, it is worth it after all.

                Gifts of consciousness. Nothing else in here. No emotions, no true embodiment. But a startling mode of awareness. So lucid and probing, so skillful and able to pursue the cues from so many sides at once.

                Everything in life is sacrificial to the work, to the quest, to the interior dimensions. Starkly one-sided and perhaps intolerable in a certain way. The specialist who is still at it after so many lifetimes.

                Ultimately, a sacrifice unto purpose and broader results. Here to further the shared process of uncovering that which we need to see and come to terms with. Given over to such a design implicitly. Not very sympathetic to obstacles and to self. Just getting into it and knowing we can find the missing link."

"I have seen many storms in my life. Most storms have caught me by surprise, so I had to learn very quickly to look further and understand that I am not capable of controlling the weather, to exercise the art of patience and to respect the fury of nature." 

- Paulo Coelho

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