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 I want to respond to a request for more understanding around the 9 Wisdom degrees that have been manifesting major intersections (formerly T-squares) all year. Neptune’s recent station at 9 Pisces, Orcus and the Nodes at these same degrees, the Mars Saturn Antares conjunction last August at 9 Sagittarius, (both Mars AND Saturn stationed on those degrees at different points in their retrograde cycles)…not to mention the worm hole (eclipse passage) that began August 31 at 9 Virgo. These are just a few of the very many ‘hits’ that the planets have undertaken as they brought this 9 degree wisdom intersection of completions to our consciousness, and therefore to life.

I tried to grab the actual question I received, but Mercury is messing with me tonight, probably because he is moving into his inferior conjunction with the Sun tomorrow, and that takes place at 8 Capricorn. While this is not part of the wisdom crossroad, it certainly makes a major contribution to the overall picture, and anything and everything that comes to our awareness today is a part of the bigger picture that can and must be taken into account.

12 28 16 Mercury Mars Resource

12 28 16 Sun Mercury Inferior Conjunction

Everything seems relevant right now. George Michael and Carrie Fisher both left the planet way too young, both of apparent heart failure. Both super stars in their day, a major heart throb who came out early on and an iconic princess. The Divine Feminine is wholing her Self and there are stories inside these stories that can help us to awaken to the Truth of it all as it relates to life.

The President elect displaying a fist in front of a Christmas Tree proclaiming Merry Christmas. A very strange message indeed from the new leader of the free world., Mercury and Mars have an important interaction today, and it is resourceful. The two newly transposed archetypes telling the tale through Mercury’s inferior conjunction with the Sun.

Mercury comes to an inferior conjunction with the Sun every time he reaches the exact midpoint of his retrograde journey. Inferior means that Mercury is situated in between the Sun and the Earth, and this can only happen when the Great Messenger is retrograde. It represents a new chapter for the inner workings of the mind, and for the ways in which we are going about connecting with our Selves inwardly.

Mercury in resource with Mars today, (The Sun did the same yesterday), promises to take our perspective on male consciousness to new dimensions. The SUN lights up the world and gives it life. The true meanings of Mercury and Mars are much clearer to us now, whether we realize it or not. We will, before Mercury’s retrograde journey is complete.

Don’t forget that Mercury is making his way back to a station in conjunction with the Galactic Center. More than anything else that means that everything we are coming to realize at this time is coming directly from Source, from the higher Self, and none of the old perspective has much relevance any more. We can all attest to that. Mercury is retrograding between the Galactic Center and Pluto: A brand new, resurrected mental operating system is being installed in each of us.

And today’s inferior conjunction with the Sun is very much the software of the new operating system being installed today.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s inferior conjunction, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

Capricorn 8:   A snake charmer.

Dangerous skills. Pushing the edge. Being able to accomplish the impossible, to unite the miraculous, and to commit extreme errors. Almost superhuman endurance, facility, intelligence, and external skills. The performer who is able to become an instrument of pure light, or who can take their own path to find amplification and proof that this separative self is great and authoritative and needs nothing beyond.

                A tortuous path of light and darkness. Such a potent brew of transcendence and self-inflation. A destiny that seeks the ultimate. Such a presence, a charisma. The stature of one who is still as they always were before.

                A certain rapt fascination with patterns of self-destruction. An equally intensive search for ultimate truth and liberation. And meanwhile, such a demonstration of raw capacity to make the energies move, to bring consciousness to bear, and to do whatever is needed with finesse and self command.

                If the opportunity is grasped, a path lies open which is beyond all previous experience. Along this projectile of intent is met the test, the trial, the initiation so long sought. We meet the Dweller on the Threshold. We face the cumulative impact of every false direction we’ve ever taken. And we can move through  our own shadows, even as we learn to respect and bow before their necessity, their wisdom, their self-revelations.

                A very advanced and evolved frequency. Almost too hot to the touch. The interior quest lies in becoming unhooked from every kind of picture we’ve ever held inside. It’s the time to tap the void and pierce through.”


Does any of this seem familiar to you? Stay focused on your SELF!!


“Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one.”

– Marianne Williamson

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